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Craig Jones : We ain't got no sugar. Smokey : No sugar? Y'all ain't never got two things that match. Either y'all got Kool-aid, no sugar. Peanut butter, no jelly. Ham, no burger. Jones catches Craig with a handgun].Guy fucks vaginas gif.

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Smokey : For what? Probably smoke bud too.

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Pastor Clever : How ya doin', Brother Craig? How ya doin'?

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Craig Jones : I'm all right. Pastor Clever : Um, say, um, by chance is Sister Jones in? Craig Jones : Nope. Neither is Brother Jones.

They both at work. Smokey : [under his breath] Where yo' ass need to be, nigga. Pastor Clever : 'Scuse me, brother. What we call drugs at 74th Street Baptist Church, we call a sinny-siiiiin-sin.

Smokey : [singing] Well, 'round here, between Normandie and Western, we call this here a little twenty-twen-twen Pastor Clever : Why don't ya just give me a little bit for my cataract.

Smokey : You didn't put in on this, man. Pastor Clever : It's better to give than receive, my brother. Craig Jones : [looking across the street at Mrs. Parker] Look, look, look, she bendin' over! Pastor Clever : Lord have mercy! The Lord is my shepherd, he know what I want. Excuse me, brother. Pastor Clever : Mrs. Can I talk to you for a minute, Mrs. Smokey : [to Craig] Told ya. The weed be lettin' ya know evil lurks.

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Jones : Craig, you know what your problem is? You have no game.

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Craig Jones : What do you know about game? I got ALL the game. Jones : Now your father he got game. Jones : [coming out of the bathroom] Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes. Somebody open up a window. Craig Jones : You call that game?

[Verse 3] Money, money, money: get a dollar and a dick Weezy Baby that crack, motherfucka, get a fix Got money out the ass, no homo but I'm rich Bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds on my wrist (Yes) Yep, I'm a motherfuckin' trip I'm a trip to Japan and buy some brand new shit to a grand, get you 28 grams If you talking bout bricks, I'm the interstate, man Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins First of the month, the rent is due. If you ain't got nothin' on the table, you ain't gotta worry about catchin' a dog - You gotta worry about a dog catchin' YOUR ass! Smokey: Man that fool just playin' man, I ain't trippin. Craig Jones: That's yo problem. Aint' nobody playin' but you R.I.P

Smokey : Why you not goin' to work? Craig Jones : I got fired yesterday. Smokey : No shit? I thought you had the day off yesterday. Craig Jones : I did. I went in to pick up my check, came home, my supervisor called me about four o'clock, told me he got me on tape stealing boxes. Smokey : The fuck you stealing boxes for? What you trying to build, a clubhouse?

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Craig Jones : Hell, no, ain't got me on tape. But they said they did. Fired me on the spot.

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Talkin' about pressin' charges. Smokey : Goddamn!

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You've got to be one stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off. Joi : [Mrs. Jones hand Craig phone] Hello?

Attachments Lyrics: I couldn't believe it / Soon as I bought my Cuban chain, she called me back / Soon as I ice out on my wrist, she got attached / And k Likes, 1, Comments - LightPoleBaby Poody ( on Instagram: "" Go Pull Some Money Out You Broke Ass Rapper " - @gcm_wolph Rest Up My ?? I Got King Forever ????" And I'll cool your ass down if you think you're hot shit So Rolex-watch this: I do it, four-five-six My click-clack goes the black four-fifth And just like it, I'll blow that shit 'Cause, bitch, I'm the bomb, like "Tick, tick," bitch! If you got money (Yeah) and you know it (Yeah) Then take it out your pocket and show it then throw it like (Fly!)

Joi : Who the fuck you go to the show with last night? Craig Jones : I didn't go to the show last night. Joi : You ain't got to lie Craig, you ain't got to lie Craig Jones : Ain't nobody lyin, I didn't go to the show last night. Joi : Yes you did! Cause my sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy, she told me she went to the show last night, and she saw you there all Hugged Up wit some Tramp. Now tell me who she was. Craig Jones : Yo sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy is a goddamn Craig Jones Yea, she a, she a liar.

She ain't see me at no movies hugged up wit nobody. Joi : Mmm-hmm yeah,yeah, well let me tell you what. You just tell the bitch, whoeva she is, when I catch her, Imma beat her ass! Craig Jones : For most people, Friday's just the day before the weekend. But after this Friday, the neighborhood'll never be the same. Red : [after having his necklace snatched by Deebo] Hey, man, why didn't y'all help me!

Smokey : [slouching in his chair] Man, I'm high.

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Red : Man, that's fucked up. If it was y'all, I would've helped y'all. Craig Jones : What about the time he tried to choke me in Smoke's backyard? Red : [pause, thinks about it] Oh, that was different.

Craig Jones : Mom, loan me dollars. Jones : Craig, I wouldn't feel comfortable lending you money without a job. Craig Jones : If I had a job, I wouldn't need to borrow any money.

Jones : Exactly. Craig JonesSmokey : [after they see Red's black eye] DAAAAAMN! Felisha : I need to borrow your car right quick. Smokey : What kinda shit is that? Most people wanna borrow sugar. Or even ketchup. You wanna borrow my car? Hell naw!

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Get the hell on. Felisha : Well, let me borrow a joint. Smokey : You need to borrow a job. With yo' broke ass. Always trying to smoke up somebody's shit.

Get the hell on, Felisha. Felisha : I'ma remember that. Smokey : Remember it.

Write it down, take a picture, I don't give a fuck! Felisha : Tsk. Felisha : Craig. Craig Jones : [not bothering to look at her] Bye, Felisha.

Felisha : Damn.

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Y'all stingy. Craig Jones : I ain't trying to be no dog-catcher! Jones : Why not? Craig Jones : I don't even like dogs! Jones : That's the beauty of it! I grab a dog, and I choke him, and I kick the shit out of him! All day long, my foot up a dog's ass! Just bang-bang-bang up his ass!

That's my pleasure. Craig Jones : No, thanks.

Jones : Well, I'll tell you one thing: round here, you go to work, you go to school. First of the month, the rent is due. If you ain't got nothin' on the table, you ain't gotta worry about catchin' a dog - You gotta worry about a dog catchin' YOUR ass! Smokey : Man that fool just playin' man, I ain't trippin. Craig Jones : That's yo problem. Aint' nobody playin' but you. You walk up and down the street all day playin'. He aint' playin' you think he playin' 'bout his money?

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He know where my momma stay know where you momma stay. He say he had a gun when you seen him right? Smokey : Yeah. Craig Jones : Well name one person in the hood that play like that!


Smokey : [tearing through Craig's open bedroom window curtain] Break yo' self Fool! Craig Jones : Man, look what you did to my curtain. You better watch that window you climbing in fool 'fo you get blasted on.

Get a little bag and take it to the store (Store, money) Get a little cash (Money) Shake it real fast and get a little more (Money) I got bands in the coupe (Coupe) Bustin' out the roof. I got Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for Huh, damn, I mean "foot up in your ass" I kick that shit, now go and put it in the trash Deezle! Ugh, I'm getting money like a motherfucker Shades darker than a bitch, but I can see I got everything, you got nothing But you ain't got nothing on me Yeah, I'm getting money like a motherfucker Yeah, money you will never see Yeah, ugh, ugh

Smokey : With what? You ain't got nothin' man.

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Craig Jones : With this! Smokey : Man, Where you get that from? Craig Jones : Yo Mama. Smokey : Fuck you! Craig Jones : Fuck you! He he he. Smokey : Come on outside man, and stop playing.

Craig Jones : Gotta get dressed. Smokey : Hurry Up! I know some folk that live by the levy That keep on telling me they heard explosions Same shit happened back in Hurricane Betsy I ain't too young to know this That was President Johnson but now it's Georgia Bush.

Tig' cause he died in the storm, fuck President Georgia Bush See us in ya city man, give us a pound Cause if a nigga still movin' then he holdin' it down I had two Jags, but I lost both them bi-tches I'm from N. the N. Misattributed [ edit ] If you care about what people think you'll never live. This quotation is commonly attributed to Carter, but actually appeared on social networking websites, with no clear author.

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