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The hottest images and pictures of Heidi Montag which will leave you dumbstruck. While we are talking about her beauty, skills and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride through a Heidi Montag bikini photo gallery. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Heidi Montag bikini pictures that will make you fall in love with her. So sit back and enjoy a thrill-ride of Heidi Montag big booty pictures. These Heidi Montag big butt pictures are sure to leave you mesmerized and awestruck.Girlz ls models naked.

I really feel sorry for her but i guess thats how dim witted superficial do things these days. All looks and no substance.

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cheap gucci handbags - April 12, AM. Where to begin!? Damn i would give that bitch babies in a heartbeat that spencer is a fagdouche. this bitch would have to where a catchcan for all the jizz ozzing out of her quasi celeb twat hmmm she's so fucking hot in a plastic way.

The only thing wrong in these pictures is that rock Heidi has on her ring finger, indicating her attachment to that friggen deluded, weasel brained, garden slug, Spencer Pratt.

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Look at her! That is beautifully sculpted flesh for fantasy, is what that is. Did no one love her as a child? I've never seen anyone with such a need for attention. Does she do anything all day but look for photo ops? what a shame - April 12, AM. So sad she's permanently damaged goods at age what, ? Her "ideal figure" isn't natural.

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This girl has essentially reduced herself to an object of masturbation and the worst part is, people are encouraging her to send the message that this is okay. Plastic man - April 12, AM. She's made a huge mistake. Her face is now more masculine than some men's faces. block out her hair and she looks like a guy. What's sad is she made so many big changes to her face that you can't even tell it's the same person.

If she changed her haircut, you could repost her pictures and nobody would know who it was. Erotik Video Seyret izle, unlu - April 12, AM. wipe the nut of your face befo speakin - April 12, AM.

dem cakes can been geting clapped any day Hu care bout 30 yaerz from nou? IRONMANAustralia - April 12, AM. Even if you think she gained something in adjusting her body to Barbie doll dimensions, you can't deny she lost any natural beauty she did have - and no surgeon can ever give her that back. She's just been overworked, and it's a net loss in my opinion.

She would have been better off overall to keep what she had until the point where her looks were about to fade below the potential gains of surgery - then went under the knife.

But I never figured anything she did would be some kind of optimal economic strategy either. So no shock that she'd wind up shooting herself in the foot at some point.

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Actually, considering her IQ, just give it a few years and she'll probably be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein. I guess it won't be hard for Mattel to come up with a doll for this chick, they just need to put long hair to Ken's head and stick it on top of Barbie.

Ok so look at the first pic and then the last pic-she totally got sunburnt posing all day! Her face is melting by the end! Galtacticus - April 12, AM. The Observer - April 12, AM. PostmortemG - April 12, AM. o damn I would do so many disturbing things to her. EVERY woman should aspire to look this good, whatever it takes. women have a responsibility to get their tits done. Her face skin looks like its wrapped onto her surgically created fucked-up face.

An come on guys, those tits are SO FAKE and SO HARD and not at all mushy like a real tit. What are you all like 14 and never felt one? Who in their right mind likes that crap? bimbamboing - April 12, AM. Oh God, she was in Vegas the same time as me? Hahahah, what a blast it would have been if I were to have seen her on my birthday!

Ah well. Fredericj Salmao - April 12, AM. Although I think she is so hot that I feel like kidnapping her, I dont think every women need to look like her. I would be happier if all women had low self esteem like she must have in order to get all that plastic to look "prettier".

That is so because most of women wount have the guts or the money to go apeshit on plastic surgerie, so they will feel sad and worthless forever, and everybody knows how those worthless bitches are easier to bang. sikerimamaguzeldegil - April 12, PM. Montag might be a lot of things, but she deserves credit for looking great.

her surgeries were top notch, she looks like shes eating right, and working out. and she seems finally self confident enough to show off her body a little.

Heidi Montag in a Twitter pic from Spencer Pratt's phone. HOT STUFF right there. Added: January 07, Heidi Montag's Ass. Look at that thing. You could land a helicopter on dat bootay Heidi Montag Shows Off Serious Curves In Skimpy Bikini As She And Spencer Pratt Play With Son At The Beach: Photos. Green with envy! Heidi Montag wasn't afraid to let it all out on Sunday, January These Heidi Montag big butt pictures are sure to leave you mesmerized and awestruck. In this section, enjoy our galleria of Heidi Montag near-nude pictures as well. Born in the year on 15 th September, as Heidi Pratt Montag, she is an American television personality, songster, fashion designer, as Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

From the sternum down, she is magnificent. Her face now that it's 'melting' looks okay though obviously fake. But her breasts are ridiculous. If she was growing a tail, it would look less incongrous. pearce smith - April 12, PM. From the sternom down she looks richtor. But her mug and her rack are just downright ridiculous. skeet skeet - April 12, PM. bar room hero - April 12, PM. I feel bad for this girl, she's turned herself into a freak and she'll be paying the price for it sooner rather than later, that much plastic doesn't last look at Michael Jackson.

Give me a natural beauty any day of the fucking week over this artificial tramp. I'm not just trying to be mean like many of the comments on here, but I really feel sorry for her. She used to be so pretty!! I was jealous of how beautiful she was. Now she looks a circus freak. It's so sad. She's HOT, stop hating folks. NONE of you would kick her out of bed. However, she's still an idiot dipshit. Ms Striesand has somthing Heidi does not. Heidi cant sing, shes a mediocre actress at best what else does she have other than her body.

She is another example of what happens when parents sell their childrens souls for fame and fortune at a young age thinking they have talent. Guess what most kids dont have enough tallent to carry them thru life.

All thoes acting and singing classes cannot make up for real talent. One only has to look at the list starting with Britney, Lindsey, Heidi and the list goes on and on. So if you want your kid to end up looking like heidi or whacked out whore lindsey go ahead and encourage your kid by letting them go to acting camp The tits are too big and look silly, the face is completely fucked up, but man that ass is amazing. When I wasI'd have wanted this girl desperately badly.

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A few years on from that now and I'm thinking, "she might be fun, but not a keeper. Tyler Jackboots - April 12, PM. She has turned herself into what all men in Los Angeles want: a living, breathing FuckDoll. From the waist down she is absolutely perfect looking. From the neck up she looks damaged. Solution: Hardcore Doggystyle and Reverse Cowgirl. Problem solved. I think she is pretty. However, her chin reduction just looks so weird.

Heidi Montag: always believe in yourself: always listen to your heart: there are only one life: there is nothing to loose: you are my girl: told you girl: no naked and no kissing scences: we wanna belong together: Hollywood: and: single and album: i do what i like to do: no rights: long kiss: and: and: and: long: I LIKE: all tracks like the quality of the production: Umbrella: is a two grammy The mannequin known as Heidi Montag hosted the opening of Liquid in Vegas on Saturday and there's literally no way to describe these pics without equating them to a large-breasted candle you'd have sex with. Sort of like those slutty Yankee Candles who keep tricking me. ME: I

Just makes her head seem off balance or something. Just can't put my finger on it, I just know something is just not right. I Like Turtles - April 12, PM. I can fit inside Heidi Montag's boob - April 12, PM. shil beally - April 12, PM. and her face is already to fall apart. Soon she'l look like that cat lady remember her?

argleblargle - April 12, PM. I want to tip her over and watch her fall flat on her breasts. I bet they'd explode. The explosion could only improve her face. she needs to take a gander at leatherhag Donatella Versace and understand what those oversized gazongas are gonna look like in 30 years. I don't get the guys who say every woman should aspire to look like this. Sure, I like boobs and a tiny waist like the next guy, but unlike some bozo's I have eyes in my head and this looks like something you'd pick up from a sex shop.

I am assuming that looks like a pornstar everywhere. I bet she has a totally shaved pussy and perfect looking labia. I bet she's tight as fuck. She's a dumb nasty worthless christian whore and I want to stick my cock in her. Rank-A-Skank - April 12, PM. mercedes - April 12, PM. In some close up pictures I think her face it's not as bad as it was a few weeks ago.

Surgery's take some time to adjust and see the final result. When she smiles it's not THAT bad, she almost looks human. In most pictures she looks like a wax statue. I don't get it, she was georgeous before and she can't take it back now, at least what she did in her face.

Any guy who says he wouldn't fuck her if given the chance is retarded. Let's play nice here girls. Personally, I thought she was pretty b4 all the plastic but if this is really what makes her happy more power to her.

I do think she's kind of a hypocrite for claiming to be a Christian and then going quite this far in changing what she supposedly believes God created. Narcissist - April 12, PM. losing weight - April 12, PM.

I don't know if I want to suck on a boobie, or pop it with a needle. I'm so conflicted right now. I know some dudes find that hot mess attractive, but she just looks sad to me. She wants to be a pop star, but she can't sing or dance and now she looks like a cheap porn star. When Britney was at the top of her game, she looked like the hot girl next door, not a robot stripper.

Heidi spent a lot of money to look really cheap. She's never going to make it big. She will only make money posing for pictures that people make fun of and when she eventually leaves that loser husband of hers, she will become even more insignifcant. She cut all of the joy out of her face. All of the life and vibrancy is gone. She looks like a piece of tight plastic.

I used to think she was such a pretty girl. Now she looks expressionless and dead. Everyone likes money, but I still find it a bit disconcerting that a surgeon would consent to this.

If I were a plasic surgeon I imagine I'd be making a decent living, decent enough to allow me to say 'Ms. Montag, in good conscience, I cannot perform a breast augmentation like that. Not to mention everthing else.

Nice Guy - April 12, PM. All Good Men love her. Insecure Women and Mamas boys don't. Oh and Fati87 doesn't either, but he wants to beat women.

Heidi Montag Playboy Pics And Video Aug 2009!

Willie Dixon - April 12, PM. Her green plastic watering can For her fake Chinese rubber plant In the fake plastic earth. That she bought from a rubber man In a town full of rubber plans To get rid of itself.

It wears her out, it wears her out It wears her out, it wears her out. She lives with a broken man A cracked polystyrene man Who just crumbles and burns. He used to do surgery For girls in the eighties But gravity always wins. And it wears him out, it wears him out. It wears him out, it wears. She looks like the real thing She tastes like the real thing My fake plastic love.

But I can't help the feeling I could blow through the ceiling If I just turn and run.

pity, that

And it wears me out, it wears me out. It wears me out, it wears me out. And if I could be who you wanted If I could be who you wanted All the time, all the time. You think Heidi Montag and the men who want to pour her the pork are disgusting? Wait until SexBots or SexDroids become available. You think men are pigs now? At least she's still a fucking human being thanks DFW. If I could buy a SexBot that looked exactly like London Keys or Sadie West or Valerie Luxe or Katie St. Ives you think I would ever deal with another fucking woman on anything but a platonic level?

Fuck no. Men want tight wet meat and then they want to stick it in the closet for recharging and go have some ice cream and watch SportsCenter. That's just the way it.

Some things will never change. I would fuck Heidi Montag and I would feel proud to say so. She is fucking superhot and if you "don't get it," then I am guessing you don't get a lot of shit. There is no god. And there are plenty of people who come out looking like shit and never get any better. No one wants to fuck them.

They live and die alone without a single moment of human tenderness. Being ugly sucks. Heidi obviously felt ugly before. Now she doesn't.

Now she feels sexy. I want to stick my tongue in her asshole. Buffalo Dick - April 12, PM. She really should hold up a sign that says "Thank You" because of sites like this, she has gained enough publicity to pay for her million surgeries oh and p. In SoCal all you have to do is hit the beach and you see girls hotter than her without any surgery done.

valuable answer apologise

I feel sorry for all you that find her attractive. i liked her first set of big plastic boobers. i'm all about body mod but this is just intimidating. i'm starting to realize fake isn't as hot as i thought it was, but I'm 26 now and i'm starting to feel old and appreciating more things like natural beauty. still plannin a boob job though. i donno, on a scale her face is still only about a 6. being totally honest.

SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE'S IN PAIN, LOOK AT THE "EXPRESION" -IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT- ON HER FACE. HER EYES And I'm not talking about her this time. Either a chick is a total pig or she's fake - there's no winning.

The only things unattractive about this woman are a her lack of self worth to think she needed all the surgery and b she's made it so that it's physically painful to be held - let alone be intimate.

Heidi montag ass pics - 52 Hot Pictures Of Heidi Montag Which Will Leave You Dumbstruck . Best Of Comic Books

Some women have great senses of self esteem and get plastic surgery. They've been flat all their life or had a mastectomy and a boob job makes them feel better.

They get a mole removed that wasn't cancerous because it just irks them.

has surprised me

There are plenty of little things. They love themselves enough - it's just that one little thing that they don't like. I feel badly for her in that sense. I can't imagine looking at myself and just flat out hating everything. rob reckord - April 12, PM. Heywood Jablowme - April 12, PM. is it possible to fuck the dumb out of someone? I can't help but feel aroused and disgusted simultaneously.

matchless phrase

Body's smokin' hot, tits too big but I'll live with em. Face ain't great, but plenty hot enough to put up with to get at that tail. Did anyone notice that Heidi Montag looks more like Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt? Sport I live in Orange County, 10 minutes from Fashion Island and 14 Minutes from Balboa Island. Trust me, Heidi is as good as the Best. If you want to see the best go to Billy's on the Beach in Newport BeachHeidi fits right in with the crowd.

Hugh Gentry - April 12, PM. Honestly, in real life when i see a girl with implants, it's really weird. I don't know why, but there's something odd about big hard perfect tits. Bootilicious - April 12, PM. she was beautiful before she decided to change her body.

im sad that she decided to alter herself, but if she's happy, in the end that's all that really matters. Vinnie the Chin - April 12, PM. Ooh she looks gross Her tits are too big In 50 years she will look crappy I feel sorry for her Shes nasty! Bottom line, I am a straight man, and I think any straight man would fuck the living crap out of a bimbo like her, shes the quintessential blonde American bimbo.

Her tits are too big? What a fucking stupid comment, they are excellent and perhaps the best boob job ever known to man. For all you haters, I would put to 1 odds that none of you could hold a candle to her in the looks department.

The downside is the look in her eyeswhich indicates one fucked up individual.

Apologise, but, heidi montag ass pics are not right

Translation: highly fuckable, but not breedable or marryable, probably real fucking dumb and annoying like Jessica Simpson. She looks so fake, it's ridiculous. Lots of commenters say she could do porn, and I say yeah, maybe if it werebut porn stars today are much more fresh faced and naturally pretty than Heidi will ever be.

Take Sasha Grey, for example. Julio Gaggia - April 12, PM. Bill - April 13, AM. Javier - April 13, AM. Poor Heidi, she's totally lost it. To read more news on Heidi and her wishes to become a writer click on my name.

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Much much prettier before all the facial surgery but damn fine body but there was nothing wrong with any part of her before all of this. except maybe her brain that made her do all this body work whomever helped her with this should be shot Rasputins Liver - April 13, AM.

She was kinda homely before, albeit a slightly "cuteish" kinda homely. But now she's just god awful to look at. she used to be a cute girl - April 13, AM. Hair extentions, bleached hair AND BROWS wtffake lashes, plastic everything on her face, caps on the teeth, way too big, too hard boobs.

The rest of her body looks amazing though. The only thing worse than hearing her talk about her "career" is her dumb ass husband.

apologise, but, opinion

She is SO going to regret all of this. I think this chick is a joke although she is the typical male fantasy, blonde, big fake boobs and no intellect. She will be dead in about 2 years first she wil get divorced.

Go into a deep depression then hit the pills. i think she looked nice after her first surgery, gave herself a little help but this is just ridic. although from under the boobs down is still presentable, i'd kill for that body. Kristen Willison Fails - April 13, AM. m3 zero - April 13, AM. Heidi is really looking so sexy in these pics I must say.

But she seems like she is made of wax and everything is fake.

Her plastic face is looking so blind with no expressions. But yet the curves of her body makes her sexy.

Las Vegas Mike - April 13, AM. Queen of the douche bags, turn around and look at your subjects. Yup, you fit right in. This is all you'll ever achieve in your short, useless life. She's in some sort of zoo animal enclosure. I wonder if it says not to tap on the glass. Nice freak display. Aria Resort and Heidi, two overpriced artificial constructions that both cost way more than they are worth and will probably be condemned before their time.

Its really sad to look at these pictures. What planet is this girl on? I love the bikini, but her boobs and face are freakish. sonfilmizle - April 13, AM. jay - April 13, AM. She Looks SO HOT! I Totally love her, she looks really sexy, that really small waist and the big boobs, Wow, I would totally Marry her!!! She looks completely plastic, but we all wanna F her so by that logic, do we all wanna bang blow up dolls.

Mouth Breather - April 13, AM. Life is so cool!!! a good place for us Seeking for the stimulation R i c h M i n g l e. com i think u would like it,trust me u may find something make u excited. now join free. She looks absolutely awful!

Her breasts look like they're half basketballs stuck on the outside of her skin, and she looks most uncomfortable.

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captain america - April 13, AM. Is it weird that I am 24 and still a virgin? I would like to invite you to join my circle of friends on " www. com ". My username is "Waiting4love".

Give me your comments on my photos. I'm waiting 4 u. Heidi Montag in a Twitter pic from Spencer Pratt's phone. HOT STUFF right there. Heidi Montag's boobs are on display in this pic. Those things are fuggin ridic. Kristin Cavallari and Heidi Montag in One of these girls looks vaguely like this here in ! The other? Not so much. Heidi Montag arriving at the 4th annual Pink Party. Heidi stepped away from her signature flowing locks to a very tight, slick up-do.

Look at The Hills cast back in the day. Montag pauses for a frame-worthy shot against the whitewater, displaying her perky rear end and well-proportioned curves. The beauty showed off enviable body confidence as she strode along the shore, taking in what is absolutely glorious weather for a mid-January afternoon. Gunner decided he wanted to join in on the fun, so Mom swept him up to play with her in the waves!

It's easy to see why Montag wants another child motherhood seems to come naturally to her. Who looks more adorable in their bathing suit? Gunner or Montag? That's a tough call let's just say it's a draw! The only thing that could make this sweet family any more perfect? According to Pratt and Montag, another baby would be perfection. But they seem to be having a great time as a clan of three. What will bring for Montag and Pratt? More good weather, maybe a new addition to the fam and, we hope, lots more bikinis and photos at the beach!

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