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quote: Jesus, just wash your face. Acne has nothing to do with keeping your face clean. For most people, diet is also completely irrelevant. I took accutane for a while, but didn't complete the full cycle. That stuff is expensive as hell.

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Anyway, now I look, um, better than I did back before I took it, but still pretty bad. Which does precisely what? Jesus, learn about what the fucking problem is before proffering your half-arsed "wisdom". Washing of the face does absolutely jack crap for severe acne. Same thing with benzoyl peroxide. For mild stuff, works fine. DO NOT DRINK if you are using accutane. They put those warnings on there for a reason and your liver is nothing to screw with.

If you absolutly must drink then stop taking the accutane at least a day before you drink and dont resume until one full day afterward. And still keep the drinking moderate.

There should be something included with the medication telling you of the side effects. I just checked the medicine box here and it has sid effects ranging from diaroehha sp? to fainting if combined with different things read the box and go see the pharmasist sp? they can tell you everything you need to know. quote: Jesus, learn about what the fucking problem is before proffering your half-arsed "wisdom".

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Clean skin and a healthy level of oil and tallow is the key My half-arsed "wisdom" cleared up my acne problem in a little under 6 months. And I can drink all I want, I'm not depressed, and I don't have a hair trigger on my flamethrower like a certain brit. quote: Stupid european socialised health care. gif Suck it down. quote: Clean skin and a healthy level of oil and tallow is the key Clean skin is irrelevant.

which is wholly beyond my control.

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That's what the point of the fucking Roaccutane its name in the UK is. It inhibits - completely - oil production. It won't. You think perhaps I didn't try? That's why people get put on last resort drugs like Roaccutane. Because it was completely independent of washing. Because it wasn't touched by anti-biotics. Because it was a last resort. quote: My half-arsed "wisdom" cleared up my acne problem in a little under 6 months.

Then dun dun dun you have a different problem. to get rid of the acne? Do you really think that? quote: And I can drink all I want, I'm not depressed, and I don't have a hair trigger on my flamethrower like a certain brit.

And you don't have the first idea of what the fuck you're talking about.

19/4/ Iggy Pop performs in Chicago, lllinois. A fter the Stooges' set, Iggy recalls, "I walked out to the middle of the floor, in my shorts with these View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Houseparty" on Discogs Office Space: Directed by Mike Judge. With Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Ajay Naidu. Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss

I'm happier without the acne than I ever was with it. And I haven't been on the drug for a number of years. My bad temper is all my own doing.

Let's just say that naproxen sodium, a pretty basic pain reliever, I think it's Aleve in prescription dosages, combined with alcohol, equals a nice dissolved liver.

It has nothing to do with the effects of alcohol, and the effects of the accutane, it has to do with the interaction, and you can't just judge chemical interactions with your body, one of the most complex things in the world, based on the interactions of your body with only one of the chemicals. I took Accutane about, oh, 14 years or so ago in HS. That stuff was pretty harsh. AFAIK, I don't have any liver problems due to it, but there are lingering side effects that I still deal with.

At the time, I got really dried out. Lips chapped to the point of pain, Chapstick became my constant companion. The back of my hands looked like a cheese pizza because they were so dry, Eucerin lotion became my best friend.

Visine sp? was also in my arsenal because the lightest breeze, or AC in a car, caused my eyes to dry out and tear up instantly. I don't recall any back or stomach pain associated with it, but I never ever had a nosebleed until this stuff. I also remember having to urinate more frequently. Now, my skin dries out every winter in a bad way, I still dislike having wind in my face because of what it does to my eyes, and I still get the occasional nosebleed.

Don't mess with alcohol while on this drug. I never drank the stuff until I went to college, I can't imagine what would have happened to me if I drank while on this stuff. Yeah, I doubt that I'm going to drink.

Also, my lips are getting to be somewhat annoying today, and it's a pain to have to put on my aquaphor every period that stuff rules btw. Respectfully, while that is true to some extent in minor cases, in cases of severe acne, you could spend all day washing your face with any type of washcloth and any type of soap and it will not clear it up. I also think that type of over-arching, all-emcompassing rationale is indicative of the general misconception which exists concerning the differences between light to moderate cases of acne and severe cases and their respective treatments.

All humans have oil-producing glands in their body. It is these glands, in a large part, which help keep the skin moisturized instead of over-dried and flaky.

26/4/ Fucked with a knife is a fucked up song. I have a live version of that song and barnes intro's it with "this next song goes out to all the Like software, soft-synths, and just regular fucked nasty, gritty synth sounds. That was one of the few chorus ideas that came from me, the phrasing and the melody, and she tweaked it Yup, my liver got completely fucked up by that. Jimmy James. Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Jan 15, Posts: Posted: Sun Mar 04, pm Those studies

In most cases, severe acne is caused by the excessive production of oil by the oil glands. In cases of severe acne, the oil glands are producing so much oil in the skin that pores become clogged, irritated, inflammed, infected, etc, faster than in normal cases of acne.

No matter how many times you wash your face, the amount of oil produced is such that the likelihood for break-outs is still much much higher because the pores will become filled with oil at a faster rate, thus allowing for dirt and bacteria to become interred in the pores at a faster rate, thus causing the irritations faster, and so on.

The same is true for the application of over the counter topical creams with benzoyle peroxide.

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While this is usually sufficient in controlling minor cases of acne because it helps keep inflammation down and it keeps the pore itself relatively dry, in sever cases requiring medication like Accutane, as with washing, it is not dealing with the root of the problem itself, namely, the oil producing glands themselves. The only long-term and effective way of treating severe acne in these cases is by slowing the production of oil in the oil-glands.

It is a biochemical issue within the body and as such, it needs to be treated chemically internally. Accutane, which is essentially refined mega-doses of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene on steroids, slows the production of oil by attacking the oil-producing glands themselves and causing them to shrink. Essentially, Accutane dries you out from the inside out by prohibiting oil production.

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The amount of lubrication, so to speak, within the body is reduced to such an extent, in some cases, because the oil glands are all shriveling up some, that people oftentimes experience muscle pain and stiffness, primarily in the lower back regions. I would call it the executive area. Were your parents concerned about your behavior as a kid, to the point of taking you to a doctor? But in the third grade, I had a very stern teacher, Mrs. She tied it around my trunk, arms and legs - for a significant period.

I must have been fidgety that day. But were my parents worried? I liked that word - happening. I actually tried not to repeat myself. But people started bringing it to the shows. But I was never a corny thinker. You have an unusual background by Detroit working-class-rock standards.

You grew up in a trailer park, but your father was a college-educated high school English teacher. My parents had been shocked and impoverished by the Depression. It made them careful and frugal. At first, as a teacher, my father made no money.

So he got the idea of living in a trailer park. The rent was a dollar a day for the plot. I slept over the dinette, on a shelf. We were definitely the only college-educated family in the camp. Once I hit junior high in Ann Arbor, I began going to school with the son of the president of Ford Motor Company, with kids of wealth and distinction.

But I had a wealth that beat them all. I had the tremendous investment my parents made in me. I got a lot of care. They helped me explore anything I was interested in. This culminated in their evacuation from the master bedroom in the trailer, because that was the only room big enough for my drum kit.

Others, such as Jeremy Clarkson, didn't just confront it, but got on the elephant's back and rode it around the room. "We are fucked, utterly fucked," said the Top Gear man when asked about the ramifications of the sexism row for the rest of the TV industry and in particular the not always entirely female-friendly BBC2 show Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, ates and expert opinion The latter-day Beasties said that their bad behavior was role-playing that got out of hand. "We actually became just what it was that we'd set out to make fun of," Yauch said in

They gave me their bedroom. Are there cts of your father in you - as Jim or Iggy? Also, I like quiet - less people around as opposed to more. He was that way. And your mom?

She was unusually generous and nice to everybody, a person who sought harmony and equality in situations. I have some of that. When did your parents first see you play with the Stooges? We did the Michigan state fairgrounds with the MC5.

They sat in the grandstand. I had a fairly wild gig - things thrown back and forth between a couple of audience members and the band. I saw my parents later and asked them about the gig. So they were aware of what you got up to onstage.

The other half is the survivor's triumph punctuating each tale like a power chord. Iggy Pop - born James Newell Osterberg in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in , the mad lad whose kamikaze drug use

Oh, yeah. I did a show in the town where my dad taught. I broke a bottle over the mike stand - I thought it looked cool. One girl who was particularly demonstrative in the front got a couple of minor cuts from the glass. She was holding her arms up in the spotlight.

Blood was dripping down; she was screaming. There was a little ruffle in the household over that, because it was written up in the paper: POP GOES THE BOTTLES - BRING BACK ELVIS. But nothing worse came of it. It was somewhere in the petty-infraction zone. In the Sixties, that was the ultimate in straight. From the moment I set foot in junior high and saw how the other half lived, I wanted nothing more than to be like them.

Never could get it right. I saved my money and bought a pair of loafers. But they were red Hush Puppies. My socks were the wrong color. Nothing clicked for me, until I played drums in the talent show. People treated me differently. How do you account for the turnaround? The day I got out of high school, no more haircuts. My haircuts had been enforced by my dad. I bought a bottle of Clairol Ultra Blue, dyed my hair platinum and started playing in a rock club full time: five sets a night, six nights a week, fifty-five bucks.

I started going wild - getting drunk once in a while. Got my first fingerprints and mug shot. And I was listening to two albums - Bringing It All Back Homeby Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones Now!

And maybe Out of Our Headsby the Stones too. What was it about Dylan and the Stones that hooked you? I was learning song construction. How to write, how to play. How to make it feel. Music should never be too good, too tight.

It should excite you. That faith has been tested [ laughs ]. What did you learn - and take - from Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison when you started singing with the Stooges? From Morrison, it was the way to stand at the mike - the stance and the grab. He hung on the stand. Nobody else did that. From Mick Jagger, it would be his moving around while he performs the song.

Also, the voice as an irritant. When he sang, it was the opposite of nice. They went as far as they needed to go. If I was going to work in the same direction, then I had to go farther.

The Stooges went farther afield in our influences. We listened to [the acid-folk band] Pearls Before Swine and [avant-garde composer] Harry Partch. Stone fucking Fertile Crescent. How important was LSD in the birth of the Stooges? I took too much. I really did.

We were on LSD when we named the group. I was on it sometimes when we worked, particularly in the Fun House period. Also, I think it helped the other guys in the band.

Louis Jourdan was the most classically handsome of these actors yes, even more debonair than the skunk. He had a smile that the camera loved and a way of cocking his head and crossing his legs that exuded style.

Doris Day is Turner Classic Movies' Star of the Month of April TCM's Doris Day homage begins this evening with eight movies released at the start of Day's career at Warner Bros.

In addition to Day's presence, what those movies have in common is the following: little plot, lots of music, and Old Hollywood's fluff-producing machinery at work.

If that's your thing, don't miss them! Of those, the better one is probably Roy Del Ruth 's On Moonlight Bayphoto.

The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - Stay (Lyrics) \

Though nothing at all like Del Ruth's crackling Warner Bros. movies of the early '30s - e. On Moonlight Bay was popular enough to merit a sequel. The celebration includes a new four-movie DVD package of memorable Day performance from Whv in stores now ; a brand new double CD set from Sony Masterworks releasing April 3with a collection of 31 songs curated by Day herself; and a five-night salute on TCM April This multi-pronged Doris Day tribute is timed to coincide with her birthday on April 3.

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sony Music on this collection of my recordings. I sang hundreds of songs, but because I was so busy singing, I rarely had the time to be involved in the compilation of the albums. So in this collection are some of my favorites, ones that I loved singing, and I hope you like them too. The entertainer passed away at his home in Los Angeles on Monday.

The cause of death is not known. Arms began his career in radio before moving on to minor screen roles throughout World War II, starring alongside Bette Davis in The Man Who Came To DinnerDoris Day in By the Light of the Silvery Moon and in James Cagney 's Captain of the Clouds.

He also released his own music and was known for his hit single, Cinco Robles Five Oaks. Arms also worked as a vocalist on NBC show Your Hit Parade throughout the s and wrote his own autobiography intitled My Hit Parade and a Few Misses. This year's Los Angeles Film Critics Association Lafca Career Achievement Award recipient Doris Day is only the fourth woman to be so honored, following Barbara StanwyckMyrna Loy right,and Dede Allen First of all, Day is a woman.

Whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere, whether we're talking about film critics' groups, film academies, or film festivals, men are the ones who almost invariably have their contributions to motion pictures recognized.

The issue here is not political correctness on my part; anyone who has read my posts on this website knows I despise and fear political correctness the way I despise and fear any sort of illness that corrodes the mind.

It's just that I'm not going to argue with the facts. As for the other reason that makes Day's selection unusual, a. There was an elephant in the room at last night's National Television Awards - the non-thinking viewers' Baftas - and its name was Richard Keys. Some, such as Jonathan Rosschose to avoid the topic - "I have been out of the country," he told hacks. Others, such as Jeremy Clarksondidn't just confront it, but got on the elephant's back and rode it around the room.

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