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Maybe better than feel worsen thinking on mother's behaviour. Is more understandable your father if he cant think his father as pedophile of her daughter but I see a lot of "I dont want know" in this story.

Children understand that and know when is useful to insist to the parents and when they want all to be hidden.

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Like in the car, saying nothing your mother give you the biggest signal she could. And, after all, yes you said that one time, oh God one time is damned enough, yes one time your daughter said that and you waited she would say the second?!? And this one time you reported one incident, not even, you recounted repeated events.

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And no more excuses, you know he was rotten because of the break with the cousins family. I hate these camouflage persons.

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Maybe they had economic problems and needed their help. Re: I was sexually abused and groomed by my Grandpa by lostgirlfound Sat Jun 20, pm I just wanted to say that I am so sorry you had to go through that as a child.

It was not your fault. I am sorry your family is not very supportive. I have been through a somewhat similar experience.

I am 29 years old now. I was groomed and sexually abused by my grandpa from a very young age also.

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Also my father's father and my family didn't care what was happening. Are you meeting with a therapist or anything like that? I have found therapy to be very helpful. If you ever want to talkI'm here.

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Re: I was sexually abused and groomed by my Grandpa by hells88 Wed Jun 24, pm Hello, firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to the topic. I feel very grateful for that.

My husband is sleeping with my daughter. Lifestyle. By Fay Ngina | 5 years ago. Three years ago, I lost the man I loved the most in this world. We had been married for 23 years and sadly, he Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins I slept with my father-in-law. I had been married to my husband for a year, but it was a struggle as he only married me because I got pregnant. His parents further complicated the matter by Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins My dad was a very stern man. Maybe he moved out because he feared he would lose his job. Or maybe he thought my dad would take some cause of action. I'm not sure exactly what convinced him, but

And also how similar our topic is, I find that quite interesting, I am seeing a counsellor now every Thursday, which is going ok, but just makes me sad because it increases my feeling of being let down so terribly by my mum in particular. I cant bear it went my husband catches his stubble on my neck and softly touching me if he gives me a hug etc, it makes me flinch and cringe and I feel so sorry for him because its not reflected onto him its because its not him I have the feelings towards.

Its such a horrible thing to go through and I do think that people cant understand unless they have been through it themselves?

He came up with every excuse under the sun other than admit to what he was doing. He was distraught and said he would cut his hands off before touching me without my consent in that way johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 10 mins My father, his mistress' son take turns to rape me - yr-old girl. You already voted! When she was 9 months, my husband put his manhood in her mouth-Mother I took my daughter away 'cos her mother ran mad-Suspect By Evelyn Usman A year-old girl, yesterday, gave a startling revelation of how her father and his step-son allegedly My Dad worked away a lot and therefore to help my mum out me and my brother would often stay with my grandparents and even go on holiday with them. I remember my grandpa would always give me money secretly and always said, 'don't tell your mum or your brother' he would always inappropriately touch me and show himself to me, many times I cant even pin point one

Helen x. Re: I was sexually abused and groomed by my Grandpa by Seangel Wed Jun 24, pm Hi Hells, I was abused too by the father of my father.

A story very similar to yours. Since I was 5, that's as early as I remember, until I was I also felt uncomfortable and told my mother, who said: "You must have misunderstood him".

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It wasn't that she didn't care, just that it was impossible for her to imagine something like that happening in her own house. My anger, was not because of her not noticing the abuse, though there were signs. My anger was because of what she did after. She didn't do much when I told her first time. She only did it the second time, I was 14, and I told her because I knew he wanted to do the same to my little sister.

It's really good that you're working with a therapist to let it all out. In my view, parents, should do much more than have a "word" with someone.

They should protect, and be there to not allow the abuse happen. However, this is not always the case. And yes, you have a right to be angry. I have been angry, and I have talked to my mother about it, I'm 32, and just now, 22 years later, she's feeling anger towards him grandfather.

He's already dead. She says she doesn't understand why she didn't do anything sooner.

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My theory is that for her it was easier to put that feeling away where it wouldn't "bother" her. Because it made her feel guilty. However, I've talked about it, and I told her how I felt, and how I wish she would have done something different. I wish she had realized that I was being abused because I showed signs. I love her very much, still I think she failed there greatly.

Regarding your husband, how about if you tell him that certain "expression of affection" remind you of your abuser. So, instead of repeating them, to do others. Tell him how you feel, and that's not him related, but related to the past.

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I'm thinking of an indirect approach. Like yesterday she attempted to crawl into my lap as she did as a toddler.

I politely informed her that she is to old for this. Share Facebook. My daughter is flirting with me, help? Add Opinion. Hello everyone, i am here to testify on how DR John helped me.

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DecemberI saw a post on a particular site sharing testimony on how the great spell caster brought back her ex. Initially, i thought the post is unreal but i later had a second thought and i contacted the spell caster as instructed by the post.

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I have no option than to try my best because my husband left me with my three kids for another woman after a minor misunderstanding. Me and my husband got married over six years and we lived so happily. At a certain time my husband started behaving strange to me after we had a minor misunderstanding of which i begged for forgiveness. Before i knew what was going on, he left me and go for another woman who works in the same office with him. When i saw the post, i contacted the spell caster on his email and he told me not to worry that my husband will come back to me in two days time once he finish casting the reunite spell on him.

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COM}because he can done the unexpected. and susannadiaz43 you write like a 13 year old child. melimeg Xper 3.

You could act like you think she's just being silly. Say, "What are you doing, you goofball? You're not 3 anymore.

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Sit over there. You're too big to sit in my lap now, sweetie. People will think it's weird. An 11yo that I tutor was like this with my fiance. I told her it was inappropriate and that she needed to be more lady like. She ignored me, so I stopped tutoring her at the house.

I was the same way at her age. Maybe you can get her mother to talk to her about this stage in her development. zombiebabe Influencer. make her understand that you are only her dad. and that she should respect you. In my humble opinion I think that the mother should approach her on this and have her say from her opinion on what she has observed. She could be crushed by you telling her that her feelings are wrong.

It takes another woman to explain this to her while protecting her from thje shame, guilt and anger that could occur from trying to put boundaries on her affections.

Best of luck man this is not an easy one. pseudomagic Xper 4.

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Ohhh mista sexy man thinkin every female that gives you attention is automatically flirting well sir that's your daughter, if you think she is flirting then you should reevaluate your own emotions towards her. This sounds like a precursor statement to carnal knowledge with a minor. Show All Show Less. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

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Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Jahnnavi Xper 7. Well talk to your wife about this. Or you can talk directly to your daughter about this.

But pls be careful because she might get hurt. And encourage her to talk and hang out with guys of her age. In this way she will be flirting with guys of her age.

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Hope this helps. ReallyHoly Xper 1.

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ElovieMe Xper 4. Tell her what specific things she's doing or saying are not appropriate and why they aren't appropriate.

My preteen daughter is flirting with me. At first I thought she was just being affectionate, but now the attentions are verging on uncomfortable. I want to remain close with her, especially as she grows up. (We can talk about everything.) But her behaviors are approaching a line that cannot be crossed. How do I maintain closeness with her while The footage started with the pair recording themselves while having sexual intercourse in bed before the lady's father then walked into the room, leaving them stunned. In the man's voice: 'Aahh again, again, I knew it. What did I just say Kayla,' meaning this is not the first time he's Estimated Reading Time: 30 secs WWE star Charlotte Flair, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, recently shared pictures from her photo shoot for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue. The professional wrestler stripped down and posed completely nude in the photos, with the exception of her personalized footwear

Be assertive and reassuring that you love her but teach her that there are different kinds of love. crazygirl Xper 4. Your her father, just tell her that she's making you feel uncomfortable and that she needs to stop.

It's easy. Maybe this is why she's flirting with you, because she feels like she can take advantage of you easily.

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