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Walt explains his plan: If they cook inside houses undergoing fumigation, no one will bother them or question strange smells. They can hide in plain sight. Saul says the pest crew, run by a man named Iraruns a burglary operation on the side and knows how to keep secrets. Mike suggests a vote. Later, tending to his errand, Mike visits the DEA offices with Saul.

Saul tells Hank and Gomez that their ongoing surveillance of Mike is tantamount to stalking, and that he's filed for a Temporary Restraining Order with a sympathetic judge. Afterward, Saul tells Mike that the TRO won't hold up long, and Hank will be back on his tail with a vengeance within twenty-four hours. Mike says this is enough. Even after Saul's efforts, Mike is eventually caught by the DEA and is on the run. In his office, Saul worries that Mike will flip if captured.

Jesse insists he won't flip, but Walt worries that one of his nine men will. Mike then calls, asking Saul to fetch his go-bag. With the police watching Saul's movements, and Jesse out of the business, Walt volunteers to retrieve it " Say My Name ".

Later, Jesse admits that Saul told him that Walt "took care" of Mike's men in prison " Gliding Over All ". Saul in his office when Jesse comes asking to get rid of his "blood money" " Blood Money ". Jesse, horrified by the "blood money," wants Saul to give the half the money to Kaylee Ehrmantraut he fears the worst about Mike and wants his granddaughter to be looked after and the other half to the parents of Drew Sharpthe young boy who was killed as a result of their methylamine train heist.

Saul is quick to point out the flaws of this plan - how it will merely raise more questions - and Jesse leaves his office.

Saul then calls Walt to inform him of the situation, and after a conversation with Walt, Jesse is saddened and guilt-ridden but nonetheless comes to terms with Saul's reasoning.

Desperate to get rid of the money, he resorts to throwing stacks of money into peoples' yards as he drives by " Blood Money ".

When Hank discovers that Walt was Heisenberg the entire time, Walt goes to Saul's office so they can discuss what to do with this problem. Saul later suggests that Walt send Hank on "a trip to Belize" like he did with Mike.

Walt refuses and angrily rebukes Saul for even thinking of that. Saul has Huell and Kuby collect Walt's money from the storage bin, and Walt gives Saul a cut of the earnings, and a little extra that's meant for Walt as "insurance" in case Walt needs Saul later on. Saul later bails Jesse out after Jesse gets arrested for throwing money out of his car window, and scolds him for not calling him sooner.

He calls Walt, which leads to the three of them meeting in the desert, where Walt convinces Jesse to leave New Mexico, using the disappearer Saul mentioned to Walt earlier. While making the final preparations for Jesse's leave, Saul scolds him for smoking weed, and orders him to give him the rest of the drugs.

When Jesse refuses, Saul has Huell pickpocket it from Jesse. Later, when Jesse discovers it missing, he realizes that Huell must have pickpocketed it from him, and realizes that Huell pickpocketed the ricin cigarette from him too.

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Walt is the one behind Brock being poisoned, and Saul helped him. Jesse returns to Saul's office, and brutally assaults him. Saul tries to grab a gun from his desk drawer, but Jesse grabs it first and points it at him, accusing him of having had Huell steal the ricin cigarette from him, and helped poison Brock. Saul admits that he helped, but tells Jesse that Walt didn't tell him of his motives, and that he wouldn't have done it if he knew what Walt was going to do. Jesse leaves, and Saul calls Walt to warn him " Confessions ".

That evening, Saul and Kuby meet Walt in the parking lot of the hotel the White family are staying at to discuss their next move. Kuby says that he's doing everything he can to find Jesse. Saul suggests Walt 'put Jesse out to pasture' but Walt rules this out immediately, telling Saul to never hand out this idea again " Rabid Dog ". The next day, Saul meets Walt at the car wash.

He's concerned that Huell has gone missing and is wearing a bullet-proof vest. Walt assures him that Jesse is not on a killing spree and everything is going to be fine " To'hajiilee ". Several days later, after Heisenberg's real identity is finally exposed and Walt is on the run as one of the most wanted criminals in the country, Saul prepares to leave town and his life behind.

Saul tears open the "We the People" wallpaper behind his desk and takes out his shoe box, which he places inside his luggage. He instructs Francesca on how to dispose of the shredded documents, hands over two wads of cash and an unidentified business card to Francesca. Saul offers Francesca a hug before she leaves to dispose of the shredded documents, but she scoffs and walks out.

He then takes out a disposable cell phone from his desk drawer and calls Ed, the disappearer " Quite a Ride ". After picking Saul up, Ed starts the process of setting him up with a new identity in Nebraska, to Saul's obvious displeasure.

Until he can be safely moved, he has to hole-up in the basement of the extractor's shop. To Saul's surprise, he shares the basement with Walt, who is also waiting to be extracted out of New Mexico. Walt tries to convince Saul that they need to stick together so they can plot their revenge on the the people that killed Hank, but Saul refuses, trying to explain that he is no longer a lawyer, only another civilian trying to make a living.

He does offer Walt one last bit of legal advice, to turn himself in in order to save his wife from prosecution. However, Walt refuses. Walt even tries to intimidate Saul, but erupts into a severe coughing fit. Saul tells Walt that "it's over" and sets off to Nebraska to start his new life " Granite State ".

After being rescued from Jack Welker's Compoun Jesse seeks out the services of Saul's "disappearer" Ed Galbraith again. Without Saul around to help him, Jesse is forced to figure out how to find Ed on his own using the scant information he learned when Saul called Ed for him. Ed tells Jesse that he thinks Jesse, Walt and Saul all made their own luck after Jesse tries to get Ed to help him by telling Ed about his captivity.

Saul takes up the new identity as Gene Takavicworking behind the counter at a shopping-mall Cinnabon located in Omaha. He becomes tense when a customer seems to be staring at him, but is instantly relieved when the man passes by him to greet a friend. Later, inside a modest apartment, Gene pours himself a glass of liquor and watches TV, flipping through channels. He then rummages around for a VHS tape inside a shoebox, which plays his TV ads from back in the days when he was still a lawyer.

Gene weeps, heartbroken at the reminder of the man he used to be and can never be again. At the end of another work day, Gene sees off his co-workers before he takes out the garbage.

In the garbage room, the door only being able to open from the outside shuts, locking Gene inside while he throws the garbage in the dumpster.

Gene calls out for anyone for several minutes until he considers using the emergency exit. However, opening the door would trigger an alarm and alert the police, who could potentially recognize him. Still paranoid, Gene resumes kicking and yelling for someone to open the regular door. After several attempts, Gene sits against the wall and finds a rusty nail.

A couple hours later, the custodian who is also taking out garbage finally opens the door and Gene walks out right past him. On the wall, Gene has carved the message "S. was here. During another work day, Gene takes a lunch break on the second floor of the mall, he sees a young man ducking into a photo booth. Gene notices a couple of DVD cases falling from the boy's coat and immediately realizes the kid has been shoplifting. When a security guard and police officer arrive pursuing the kid, they ask Gene if he has seen him.

Gene nods wordlessly in the direction of the photo booth. Watching helplessly as the kid is pulled out and arrested, Gene's old instincts flare up and he suddenly shouts at the boy to say nothing and hire a lawyer.

Realizing he has just acted out of character, Gene returns to the Cinnabon and begins prepping more food before the shock overwhelms him and he passes out. After passing out, Gene is taken to the hospital where he undergoes tests to determine the cause of his collapse and if it was a heart attack. While at the hospital, Gene grows nervous at the sight of police officers nearby and his heart rate increases, but is visited by a doctor who confirms that it wasn't a heart attack and aside from a slightly elevated blood pressure, everything came back as normal.

On Gene's way out, the nurse at the desk asks for another look at his driver's license, further worrying Gene. Due to the computer repeatedly kicking the driver's license back, she requests Gene's social security number and Gene grows more and more fearful of being discovered as time goes on. Fortunately, the nurse determines that she keeps making a simple typo and Gene is able to leave.

Breathing heavily, Gene has a taxi take him back to the mall and spots an air freshener marked Albuquerque Isotopes in the rear-view mirror and the taxi driver appears to be staring at him as if he recognizes him. When the driver takes too long at a green light, a paranoid Gene decides to get out of the taxi early and heads towards a church, noticing that the taxi has not moved since he left it.

Gene returns to his car in the now-closed mall parking lot and goes home. Panicked, Gene empties a container of diamonds, makes a call, changes his license plates to Missouri plates and drives off listening to a police scanner. At a truck stop diner, Gene refuses a waitress' offers of food and calls Molly to let her know that he's fine and won't be back until Thursday. Gene questions if anyone has been looking for him or hanging around and brushes off Holly's concerns.

Gene is relieved to find out that no one was looking for him and spends the next few days hiding in his house listening to the police scanner and keeping watch while drinking. Convinced no one is looking for him, Gene returns to work where while on break he is approached by Jeff the cab driver who excitedly recognizes him as Saul Goodman.

Gene insists that Jeff, who has another man with him, has gotten him mixed up with someone else, but Jeff insists that they both know who Gene really is and pressures Gene to admit who he really is. Nervously looking at some nearby cops, Gene does his "Better Call Saul" catchphrase and Jeff introduces himself and states that if Gene ever needs a ride, to call the cab company and ask for him.

After Jeff and his friend leave, Gene calls Ed Galbraith from a payphone for another extraction. Ed recognizes Gene and warns him that it will be difficult and is double the price. Gene admits that he got made though there is no official involvement and promises that he has the money. Ed states that the pickup will be in the same place he got dropped off on Thursday at am and Gene remembers the location.

However, after a moment of consideration, Gene changes his mind and decides to "fix it myself" before hanging up and walking away. Jimmy McGill is a highly intelligent, cunning, manipulative person who is a dedicated criminal lawyer and also a complete conman at heart and overall is a person who will resort to whatever measures to achieve his own goals or protect his client's interests.

Better Call Saul overall charts Jimmy's transformation into a dedicated and effective criminal lawyer. Jimmy is introduced as a struggling attorney, often forced to defend clients in loser cases and overall barely makes ends meets, and to make matters worse, his highly successful lawyer brother Chuck, is mentally ill and Jimmy takes it upon himself to care for his brother.

Despite this, when he first introduced Jimmy is nowhere near the person he will eventually become and is a kind and caring person who desperately wants to be successful and put his lawyer skills to good measure. He has good relations with most of the people he knows notably Kim and Chuck, and with the exception of Howard Hamlin whom he despises.

In spite of this, it is gradually revealed that Jimmy is truly more conman than a lawyer, and throughout the series, it is shown that Jimmy has been a crook from an early age, in which he stole from his kind father's corner store, eventually resulting in it's bankruptcy and his father's death and engaged in multiple con games in order to steal money from unsuspecting victims. It was only after being arrested for defecating through a sunroof and facing serious charges that Jimmy gave up his life as the master conman "Slippin Jimmy" and moved with his brother to Albuquerque.

Jimmy has never expressed any signs of remorse for his con artist past, nor the damage he inflicted on others, notably his father and overall enjoys the thrill of tricking people and furthering his own interests. Jimmy's relationship with his older brother Chuck was one of the primary catalysts for his transformation into a criminal lawyer as Chuck was shown to despise his brother for his manipulative and delinquent ways and took every opportunity to sabotage him in order to prevent him from becoming a successful lawyer as he knew that Jimmy would always be a conman and resort to unethical measures to get his way, though Chuck's attempts would only fuel the fire and would push Jimmy closer and closer to his true criminal nature.

Throughout Better Call SaulJimmy eventually transforms from a struggling attorney focused on doing the "right" things into a master manipulator and reverts back to his conman persona. He is shown to be willing to resort to whatever measures necessary in order to gain clients and to ensure that his clients, who are complete criminals, avoid arrest such as manipulating police, fabricating evidence and even stealing from his clients for blackmail purposes.

Despite this, Jimmy still uses his manipulation skills for good as seen when he saved two of his comrades from being murdered by Tuco Salamanca by talking him down to breaking their legs instead and also sabotaging his brother Chuck's files in order for Kim to get her clients back. Regardless however, Jimmy is vain, arrogant and selfish. He is completely focused on his own interests and is willing to ruin people's lives in the pursuit of his interests.

For example, he turned an old woman 's friends against her just in order for her to settle on a large case and receive his cut. Mostly, he proves his brother's mental illness in court in order to get off easy following being arrested and charged as a result of Chuck's actions, even through he was truly guilty in the manner. Jimmy is also spiteful as well as seen when he deliberately revealed his brother's mental illness to an insurance company for revenge for his actions and this would eventually be the one of the primary catalysts leading to his brother's tragic suicide.

Despite this, Jimmy felt enough remorse to repair his mistake with his client by purposefully exposing his actions in a way that repaired the woman's friendships and presumably destroyed all of his own credibility with his clients in the process. However by the fourth season of Better Call Saul, Jimmy is shown to be even more cruel and non-caring as he shows barely any remorse for his older brother's tragic suicide, despite the fact that he is partly responsible and happily allows Howard to feel all the guilt over the situation; in a way following his brother's advice to no longer feel remorse for his actions and embrace who he is.

Jimmy is shown to be willing to resort to even more extreme measures to get his way such as threatening three teenage thieves with death if they interfere with his drop phone service and feigning remorse for his brother's death simply to get reinstated as a lawyer and gleefully mocking the panel afterwards to Kim. By Season 5 of Better Call Saul Jimmy fully embraces his new identity as "Saul Goodman", performing illicit schemes to get his way without a second thought and scamming others along the way, notably by his defense of Everett Acker against Mesa Verde.

He is shown to be even more cruel and sadistic as seen by him gleefully harassing Howard for offering him a job at HHM by destroying his car and humiliating him by sending prostitutes to his lunch. He has shown to have become even more arrogant as seen by his outburst at Howard after he confronts him for his harassment; claiming a job at HHM is too small for him and meaningless and that he is a god as Saul Goodman.

Jimmy's involvement with Lalo Salamanca however shows that he is still capable of fear for his own life and the lives of those he cares about, such as Kim and even helps to kill a gang member while stranded in the desert with Mike in order to ensure he makes it back to Kim and to deliver Lalo's bail money to protect her.

Despite his newfound shady nature as Saul Goodman, glimpses of Jimmy McGill can still be seen, exemplified by his genuine disgust for having to defend Lalo Salamanca for his brutal murder of the innocent Fred Whalen and his remorse for Fred's loved ones present in the courtroom.

This overall is evidence of an internal struggle within him. Even though he refuses to admit it, it is also readily apparent that Jimmy is internally torn up over his brother's suicide which Howard is able to recognize and is thus the primary reason for why Jimmy chooses to harass Howard who has evidently moved on from Chuck's death while Jimmy hasn't.

Regardless however Jimmy openly blames Howard solely for killing Chuck despite his own involvement, showing that he is extremely ignorant and unwilling to confront his own guilt. Jimmy has even shown worry for Kim herself as seen by his reaction to some of her decisons that have likely been influenced by his own behavior such as quitting her job at Schweikart and Cokely and her confidently conspiring to embark on a warpath against Howard for insulting them both by destroying his legal career to obtain their share of the Sandpiper Crossing settlement.

Despite his hatred of Howard and the likelihood they can pull such as scam off, Jimmy advocates against it out of concern for Howard and Kim and is shown to be visibly shocked that Kim is dead serious about doing it, a similar occurrence to his own behavior at the end of Season 4. By Breaking Ba Jimmy McGill is no more and Saul Goodman is all that remains. He is shown to be a complete criminal lawyer who maintains extensive connections within the criminal underworld, and serves as a go-between connecting drug distributors, evidence removers, impersonators, and other criminals-for-hire.

Despite his flamboyant appearance and mannerisms - punctuated by his outrageous low-budget TV commercials - Saul is a highly competent lawyer who is able to solve problems and find loopholes in order to protect his clients. He is also not without integrity as he is shown to honor the ethical concerns of his profession, particularly the attorney-client privilege, and is reluctant to be associated with violence or murder unless absolute necessary.

He has served as an adviser for Walter, Jesse, Mike, and even for Skyler, whom he also helped acquire a car wash in order to launder Walter's drug money. With a sleazy manner that is sometimes bordering on comical, he might seem disreputable to police and certain other lawyers.

Despite his fantastically shady appearance, Saul is indeed a highly competent extra-legal operator, adept at sniffing out legal loopholes and able to negotiate cherry deals on the behalf of his clients. Saul is shown to have an extremely poor moral compass and is more than willing to destroy lives in order to help his clients, as seen when he blackmailed Jesse's parents to sell their property to Jesse at half price by threatening to disclose the meth lab that had been in the basement and even murder does not faze him as he suggested numerous times to Walt to permanently remove a threat, notably Jesse and his brother-in-law Hank Schrader.

However, Saul's ethical limits are glimpsed when he tried to cut ties with Walt after learning that he had been used to send a young boy to the hospital. Saul is somewhat of a coward as well as he was intimidated numerous times by his primary client, Walt and likely feared death if he did not follow Walt's orders. Ultimately, allowing Walt to control him and helping him with his criminal activities would lead to Saul having to abandon his beloved life as a criminal lawyer and flee to Nebraska to living in hiding.

After abandoning his life in New Mexico and becoming a cinnabon manger in Omaha, Nebraska under the alias Gene Takavic, he is shown to be a shell of the man he once was, living in complete fear of being exposed and arrested for his many crimes and is shown to be devastated over the loss of his former life, often watching old videos of his commercials and weeping throughout them.

He is also paranoid, becoming so frightened by anything that could expose him that he suffers a panic attack that sends Gene to the hospital. After being recognized by JeffGene panicked to the point that he called Ed Galbraith to give him a new identity again, but decided at the last minute to fix it himself rather than going through with the extraction, indicating that he has retained some of his old self and has finally had enough of running and living in fear.

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FANDOM Games Movies TV Video. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Jimmy McGill. View source. History Talk 8. watch Do you like this video? Play Sound. You're sorry? You kill my brotherand you say you're sorry? Let me tell you something. The job offer, it didn't upset me.

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It amused me. big job at the illustrious HHM. A chance to play at the palace! With little old me? You have no idea what's going on! You're a teensy, tiny man in a teensy-weensy little bubble! Oh, don't you fucking, "Oh, Jimmy," me! You look down on me, you pity me! Walk away. That's right, Howard! You know why I didn't take the job? I don't care about it!

It's nothing to me! It's a bacterium! I travel in worlds you can't even imagine! You can't conceive of what I'm capable of! I'm so far beyond you! I'm like a god in human clothing! Lightning bolts shoot from my fingertips! And they find themselves in a little room with a detective who acts like he's their best friend.

Uh, 'help me clear this thing up. You don't need a lawyer, only guilty people need lawyers. Hey, that's when it all goes south. That's when you want someone in your corner, someone who will fight tooth and nail. Lawyers, you know, we're like health insurance. You hope you never need it.

But, man, oh, man, not having it, no. Skateboarder : " You - you are - you are the worst lawyer - the worst lawyer ever! I'm the best lawyer ever. Not on you! There's a woman named Betsy Kettleman. I mentioned her. She's married to Craig Kettleman - he's the treasurer of Bernalillo County. This is a good case for me, a lot of publicity. I'll get my name out. Anyway, I thought if I had these two run their skateboard hustle on Mrs. Kettleman, I could rescue her, come in and throw some oil on troubled waters, and I'd get their business.

That was the plan, but it turns out your lovely abuelita, she drives a car that's a whole lot like the Kettlemobile. So these two geniuses ran their little stunt on the wrong one. So joke's on me ha! Simple as that. Yeah, okay? You know how much trouble you caused me? You didn't need any help getting caught, okay? The neighbor IDed you. You were sloppy. Any trouble you might have: that's on you. Not to mention the blood in your van. Here's a thought: Ajax! Formula ! You have no idea the tap-dance I had to give those cops to get you out of here.

You gave them probable cause out the wazoo. Now, and whoever the somebody is who may have warned the Kettlemans, got them out of there before you did anything even more stupid. You should be thanking this good Samaritan. Because whoever he is, he did you a favor. I hope you do make a fortune, 'cause Chandler's gonna need it to help pay for his therapy!

Here's your good turn, okay? I'm gonna behave like an honest-to-God, law-abiding, licensed attorney, 'cause, clearly, you need one with whatever the hell is going on here. Now, those two jokers out in the hallway? I'm gonna make sure they dot their i's and cross their t's - everything square and above board.

That's what I'm gonna do, and you're gonna be happy as hell that I'm here. But this little Juan Valdez bump-and-dump? Not gonna happen. But think about what you just said. Criminals have no recourse. And you two: you're criminals, big-time. You're shredding in there! I'm not deaf! I can hear you! Stop right now! This here, this makes it official, right? If you don't stop shredding right now, that's destruction of evidence - spoliation!

That's what it's called, and it's a felony! So call your lawyers right now and tell them I said that! James McGill, Esquire! You can make it happen easily. I mean, hey, that reception you got yesterday at HHM how about that, right? The whole lobby of HHM applauding for you. They love you! Now, you threaten to pull out, Hamlin would be insane to screw with you. You've got the nuclear option! Launch the doomsday device!

Game over! If working with me is what you really want, RIGHT, Chuck? You called Hamlin. I always turn my phone off before I put it in your mailbox. Two nights ago, it was left on. Battery drained. I was so damn sure that I turned it off, you know. Because I always do. It's a habit, right? So it was nagging me. It was nagging me. So I called the phone company.

Turns out there was a deleted call at 2 a. when I was asleep right there. And you know whose number? The only person who could have made that call and deleted it is you, Chuck. Boy, that phone, huh? Phone must have felt like a blowtorch in your ear. All that electricity. All those radio waves right up against the side of your head. My God. What was so important that you had to call Howard before our meeting? The only thing I can think The only thing that makes sense is you told him not to hire me.

It was always you, right? Right back to when I passed the bar and tried to join the firm. You didn't want me. Tell me why! It's the least you can do for me now. I'm your brother! We're supposed to look out for each other! Jimmy : " I'm your brother. We're supposed to look out for each other. Why were you working against me, Chuck? University of American Samoa, for Christ's sake?

An online course? What a joke. I worked my ass off to get where I am. And you take these shortcuts and you think suddenly you're my peer?

You do what I do because you're funny and you can make people laugh? I committed my life to this! You don't slide into it like a cheap pair of slippers and reap all the rewards.

When you straightened out and got a job in the mailroom, I was very proud. Keep old Jimmy down in the mailroom. He's not good enough to be a lawyer. I know what you were, what you are. People don't change. You're Slippin' Jimmy. And Slippin' Jimmy I can handle just fine. But Slippin' Jimmy with a law degree is like a chimp with a machine gun. The law is sacred!

If you abuse that power, people get hurt. This is not a game. You have to know on some level, I know you know I'm right. You know I'm right. Like, uh, Cicero connected. So, usually, I'd be looking at malicious mischief, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, maybe, but he's got the D. saying indecent exposure, calling me a sex offender. One little Chicago sunroof, and suddenly I'm Charles Manson?!?

And that's where it all went off the rails. I've been paying for it ever since. That's why I'm here! I don't You know what? Any of this stuff you want, come get it.

Kitty-cat notebooks for everybody! Woman : " Hey! At least stick around long enough to get dressed. I-I won't fly jet planes; you, uh, stay out of court. Does that sound good? You piece of shit! I don't know what to do. No wonder Rebecca left you. What took her so long? There it is! Here we go. Is this it? For this, you destroyed our family? You happy now? For what? For nothing!

Is that all there is, Chuck? It's all the all there is? Or did you make copies? Huh, Chuck? You tell me, or I'll burn this whole goddamn house to the ground! One day, you're gonna get sick again. One of your employees is gonna find you curled up in that space blanket, take you to the hospital, hook you up to those machines that beep and whir and hurt. And this time, it'll be too much. And you will die there.

Chuck bamboozled me again. That tape? He made sure that Ernie heard it, right? Because he knew Ernie, bless him, would tell me about it and I would come over to try to destroy it or steal it or whatever. Howard was there, and a P.

Chuck played me like a fiddle! And schmuck that I am, I fell for it! And then, I didn't call you, which is stupid, and I'm sorry about that, too. But I didn't call you for a reason, okay? I own it, okay? It's my responsibility to fix it. And I know you want to help. Of course you do, 'cause you're wonderful. But y-you're up to your ears in Mesa Verde. And I can't, I won't load this onto you, too. We have worked too hard to let Chuck's bullshit vendetta threaten everything that we're building!

I won't allow him to endanger our business! I will fix this. You have gotta let me do this on my own. You need to know if I believed that tape was evidence. And I say it was evidence of only one thing: My brother hates me. Now, he claims that he lied to me to get me to tell the truth. And I'm telling you: I lied to my brother to make him feel better. Chuck : " God, Jimmy! Don't you know by now this is real? I feel this: it's a physical response to stimuli, it's not a quirk.

What do I have to do to prove it to you? Could you reach into your breast pocket and tell me what's there? Albuquerque's next TV star? It's you, small business owner! Struggling to make it in today's fast-paced economy? Thought television advertising was too expensive for you? Well you better think again!

You can't afford not to be on TV! Look at you, you're a triple threat: great services, great products, and most of all, that face! You're a star! Wrap it all up in your natural charisma, and bam - you belong on TV! Better watch out for autograph hounds and paparazzi! And it gets better! I can have you on the air tomorrow! Yeah, you heard me right - tomorrow! Better get ready to be famous, Albuquerque! I can make you a TV star for a price you can afford!

Call me, Saul Goodman! The world needs to know about you and your business! Call me now! Jimmy : " You see that? Fender Stratocaster signed by Ritchie Blackmore. You know who that is, right? I hope your parents enjoy supporting you for the rest of their lives. C'mon, Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple.

Chuck : " Three million dollars? Are you You're not shutting down, are you? This is mostly from my personal funds and a few loans. Jimmy : "' Cause I wanted to tell you And I'm telling you: don't bother. What's the point? You're just gonna keep hurting people. You hurt people, over and over and over. And then there's this show of remorse. I don't doubt your emotions are real. But what's the point of all the sad faces and the gnashing of teeth? If you're not going to change your behavior, and you won't In the end, you're going to hurt everyone around you.

You can't help it. So stop apologizing and accept it. Embrace it. Frankly, I'd have more respect for you if you did.

You don't have to make up with me. We don't have to understand each other. Things are fine the way they are. I don't want to hurt your feelings but the truth is you've never mattered all that much to me. His microwave, his stereo, his lights dishwasher, all the kitchen stuff everything eletric is back there. The firemen didn't do that.

He did that. I saw him five days ago. He was listening to jazz. All the lights worked. He was himself. Someting must've happened. Something made him relapse.

Kim : " You wanna know why the committee called you insincere? Because you didn't mention Chuck. Jimmy, they waited for you to say something about him. How is that sincere? I don't think about Chuck, okay? I don't miss Chuck. Chuck was alive, and now he's dead, and that's that.

Life goes on, so sue me. See, there it is again! That's why we don't have an office! Do not start in on that office. I don't wanna hear another word about this stupid office.

Okay, here we go, here we go. I have been on your side since the day we met! Who comes running when you call? Who cleans up you messes? I have a job, but I drop everything for you.

Every single time. You confess to a felony on tape, I'm there. You have a bar hearing, I represent you. Over and over again, if you need me, I'm there. But somehow in your mind, the only measure of my feelings for you is some office? I just told you- " Jimmy : " You get bored with your life, so you come roll around in the dirt, have some fun with Slippin' Jimmy, than back up.

Fun like lying to the ADA to get your friend out of the shitter? Or fun like standing there with a smile plastered on my face while you play infentile mind games on my law partner?

You'll never do that again. And maybe next time you call, I won't come. You didn't get it. You were never gonna get it.

They dangle these things in front of you, they tell you you got a chance but, I'm sorry, it's a lie. Because they had already made up their mind and they knew what they were gonna do before you walked in the door.

You made a mistake, and they are never forgetting it. As far as they're concerned, your mistake is just It's who you are. And it's all you are. And I'm not just talking about the scholarship, I'm talking about everything. I mean, they'll smile at you, they'll pat you on the head but they are never ever letting you in. But listen, listen. It doesn't matter, it doesn't. Because you don't need them. I mean, they're not gonna give it to you, so what? You're gonna take it.

You're gonna do whatever it takes, do you hear me? You're not gona play by the rules. You're gonna go your own way, you're gonna do what they won't do. You're gonna be smart, you are gonna cut corners and you are gonna win. They're on the 35th floor? You're gonna be on the 50th floor.

You're gonna be looking down on them. And the higher you rise, the more they're gonna hate you. You rub their noses in it! You make them suffer! Because you don't matter all that much to them, so what?

So what? Screw them! Remember, the winner takes it all. Kim : " I knew you could do it! I knew you had it in you! They-they have to reinstate you now! They just have to! Did you see those suckers? Jesus, Kim! Listen, I started reading the letter, and I just knew it wasn't I could tell by their faces it wasn't gonna be enough, right? So I just went off on this flow, you know? I had this energy going through me. It was like improv or jazz and then boom!

Something also girl screwing a chimp have quickly

Sunk the hook in! What I didn't know was that I was grieving not for Gary and not for me, but for those he had left behind. For Betsy. For his three step-kids. For the literally hundreds and hundreds of people he had touched in his life, every one of whom knew they had met someone special. Through our entire adult life, it was almost embarrassing the way he could get inside somebody's head in a matter of seconds. If you met Gary for five minutes, you knew Gary. And what's more, try as you might to hide, he knew you.

I guess that's why he became a shrink, a PhD in cowboy boots and Levis who practiced the art and theory of love and made it work for other people. Especially kids. Most especially kids. I pushed my way through the week. The trip was punctuated with tidal waves of hugs and tears. With kind words and kinder caresses. It was one hell of a long, hard week. And then I was home and it was an absolutely beautiful Indian summer day, It was a day made for Pitts Specials and one I wasn't going to waste.

As I was taxiing out, I had forgotten my first impulse of the week before. Seven days earlier the phone rang in the dark and I answered. The shock and disbelief took their toll and, without thinking, I started to put on Levi's and my leather jacket and head for the airport. As the sun came up, the press of having to be someplace else in a hurry and the dense ground fog combined to make me forget why I was walking around the house in a flight jacket.

I forgot a lot of things that morning. Then, a week later, as I pressed my head against the side of the canopy and let the pain exit my body anyway it wanted, I remembered where I was headed that morning. I had wanted to be alone. I wanted to be where it was just me and nobody else. Where I could let go of my emotional control and wouldn't be embarrassed at the consequences.

Still, I was surprised, and relieved at the strength of the sobs, the profusion of tears. And the sound of my own cries over the Lycoming. Oh God, how I hurt! He was gone and, at that moment, climbing through the early morning sun over Andover.

New Jersey, I let myself believe that fact for the first time. And I didn't like it. I've never been a true romantic about aviation. I've heard a million people say they get up in an airplane and all their troubles disappear.

I've never really felt that way. When I'm flying, it's an experiment, a challenge, to see if I can fly better than I did the last time. In a way it's a competition in which I'm the only contestant Flying is a long way from being work for me, but it's not necessarily a mystical experience either. Not usually anyway. That one flight made me realize that I didn't have a clue as to how important flying was to me.

Gary, in his always subtle way, had made me reach inside to see how the pieces really fit together. For the first time, I was seeing how the emotions actually dovetailed without the sugar coating of logic or rationality. I was seeing that flight was much more important to me than I had ever known.

Damned, I wished he'd picked an easier method of analysis! One of the real tragedies of my life is that I really didn't get to know my brother until we were in our late thirties.

President Joe Biden is set to announce a sweeping new vaccine mandate for all companies in the U.S. that employ more than workers. The government will also require federal workers, staffers at

Being less than two years younger than me, it shouldn't have been that way. Brothers being what they sometimes are, however, we were so different it took half a lifetime to grow together. And the tragedy is I didn't have time to learn from him nearly what I could and should have. He taught me two very serious and useful things in his passing; The first is that, in the final analysis, when all the hugs and rituals are over, you grieve alone.

That's the grieving which really counts. The second thing I learned from Gary that day is I now know where I have to go to be alone. I now know how to visit those private places which exist only within my own mind.

Gary and I were never big on good-byes. We'd hug and mumble ". see ya later. It was too final then, and it's too final now. I don't know how many more flights it's going to take to work that one out, but at least I know where to start. THE WALL TALKS A little history built around the statistics off the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The same statistics exist for the American Armed forces going back to These are typical.

Not atypical. There are 58, names now listed on that polished black wall, including those added in The names are arranged in the order in which they were taken from us by date and within each date the names are alphabetized. It is hard to believe it is 57 years since the first casualty. The first known casualty was Richard B. Fitzgibbon, of North Weymouth, Mass. Listed by the U. Department of Defense as having been killed on June 8, His name is listed on the Wall with that of his son, Marine Corps Lance Cpl.

Richard B. Fitzgibbon III, who was killed on Sept. There are three sets of fathers and sons on the Wall. The largest age group, 33, were 18 years old. One soldier, PFC Dan Bullock was 15 years old. Thirty one sets of parents lost two of their sons. I wonder why so many from one school. Beallsville, Ohio with a population of lost 6 of her sons. West Virginia had the highest casualty rate per capita in the nation. There are West Virginians on the Wall. The Marines of Morenci - They led some of the scrappiest high school football and basketball teams that the little Arizona copper town of Morenci pop.

They enjoyed roaring beer busts. In quieter moments, they rode horses along the Coronado Trail, stalked deer in the Apache National Forest. And in the patriotic camaraderie typical of Morenci's mining families, the nine graduates of Morenci High enlisted as a group in the Marine Corps. Their service began on Independence Day, Only 3 returned home. The Buddies of Midvale - LeRoy Tafoya, Jimmy Martinez, Tom Gonzales were all boyhood friends and lived on three consecutive streets in Midvale, Utah on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh avenues.

They lived only a few yards apart. They played ball at the adjacent sandlot ball field. And they all went to Vietnam. In a span of 16 dark days in lateall three would be killed. LeRoy was killed on Wednesday, Nov. Kennedy's assassination. Jimmy died less than 24 hours later on Thanksgiving Day. Tom was shot dead assaulting the enemy on Dec. The most casualty deaths for a single day was on January 31, deaths.

The most casualty deaths for a single month was May - 2, casualties were incurred. For most Americans who read this they will only see the numbers that the Vietnam War created. To those of us who survived the war, and to the families of those who did not, we see the faces, we feel the pain that these numbers created. We are, until we too pass away, haunted with these numbers, because they were our friends, fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters. There are no noble wars, just noble warriors.

Please pass this on to those who served during this time, and those who DO Care. Some for the good. Some not so much. What follows first is a tale that is being repeated across the nation and has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with an age discrimination protocol that threatens the very soul of aviation. Although even the top dog at AVEMCO Insurance has said that there is zero data that says age is playing a role in accidents, those of us over are in the process of being removed from aviation via the insurance route.

Better yet, let that executive try to follow me around for a day and see how long it is before his tongue is hanging out. Some will be ancient beyond their years and will clearly show their age. Others will be a long way from fitting the profile the insurance folks are attaching to that age.

In some cases, a very long way. Okay, that was the bad news of the insurance thing. There was some good news. Sort of.

Basically, I ignore my flight time. So, I officially have 7, hours in Pitts Specials. For a lot of pilots, like airline jockeys, 10K means nothing. Also, about 8, hours and most of the Pitts time is comprised of approximately six or seven landings an hour. Do the math!

I, like everyone else, clearly remember my first solo takeoff. Mine was in in a Piper Tri-pacer that was brand new and smelled like it. I can still feel my hand wrapped around the cylindrical throttle of my first Mustang, absolutely enthralled with the ensuing cacophony of sound that was flowing over me. The awesome feeling of four negative Gs slowly bleeding off as I settled back into the seat on the top of my first outside loop.

The smell of the jungle as I stepped out of the Evangel deep in Brazil occasionally wafts through my imaginary nostrils. It was sobering knowing that we were on the edge of the world. Civilization was many hundreds of miles away. Further, the tiny, breach clouted natives coming out of the edges of the miniscule runway were real and not a photo in Nat Geo. And on, and on, and on. This after something over 25 years of being beaten to death by God knows how many major projects.

This happened at about in the morning. FIVE HOURS LATER IT WAS DELIVERED!!!! Five frigging hours!!! One way or the other, every soul on the planet is in the process of learning to live a new life. Will the small business folks who lost it all try again? Will those who lost loved ones regain their balance quickly or will the scars be too deep?

Will the super-big tech companies who gained total control of our communication and much of our lives while we were all suffering be challenged and brought into a semblance of balance? Will our political pendulum swing too far and start back in the near future? The questions ahead of us are numerous and challenging.

However, the truth is that it is all going to be livable because the aero-faithful will once again be converging on Oshkosh in July. Knowing that makes the rest of the challenges both bearable and beatable. Grassroots: In the Beginning The signs had been everywhere but that morning in the motel room I knew we had crossed a major threshold. Early sun was pouring through the windows, as bright and clean as the high altitude of Prescott, AZ could make it.

I was putting off the inevitable lurch out of bed for my hop as long as possible. The Pitts and a student would be waiting.

As I lay there, floating in that delicious semi-conscious state between sleep and wakefulness, I caught The Redhead staring at me. She arched her eyebrows seductively. But, I didn't. I wasn't even close. She smiled, "It means I remember Jim Clevenger saying he had enough extra steel tubing to start building the fuselage for our Desert Hawk. Talk about words a man dreams of hearing! My redhead had popped out of sleep with visions of round-motored airplanes dancing in her head.

I had died and gone to aerial heaven! Too much information, you're saying? Maybe so, but I had to share the incident to remind us all how much effect the first few hours of flight instruction can have on a person.

Learning to fly often changes a person's outlook on life and it's always for the better. The day before, The Redhead had taken her first 2. What I was seeing that morning was the result of her first now-you-are-a-real-student instruction. The effect was immediate. And intense. And, I think we will find in the long run, it's super beneficial.

What I was seeing in my lady was typical. The first steps through aviation's door almost always have major effects on a person's mind. Especially those who have been around aviation, but never a functioning part of it. When they step through the portal and become a functioning part of aviation, so much of the conversation that, in the past, had flowed invisibly past begins to take form. A totally foreign language before, individual words now have meaning.

Entire phrases paint pictures. And raise questions. Lots and lots of questions. In my lady's case, we'll now be driving down the street and out of nowhere she'll say something like, " now let me get this straight, the trim tab's that little thing on the elevator and it It would be even easier to say she was doing this to make me happy because aviation is such a part of my life, but neither is correct.

I didn't introduce her to aviation. She's been around aircraft her entire adult life. However, life has a way of squashing dreams like learning to fly.

James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill, better known by his professional alias Saul Goodman, ("Magic Man") is the former principal attorney of Saul Goodman & Associates and the husband of Kim Wexler. He operated out of a cheap strip mall office and ran over-the-top late night TV commercials advising potential clients that they'd "Better Call Saul" when in trouble with the Budd Davisson Blog. The Flag. The saddest trend in wearable symbology is the way that wearing the flag, either on a shoulder patch, as a tie or on a hat, evokes a negative thought pattern in some folks Discussion about Video - woman jumps fast food counter returns titties out [Page 7] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!

It's a common affliction. Kids, household, making a living and so many other things are custom made for sucking the life out of dreams. Then we stumbled into the situation in Prescott and everything dovetailed. I was going to be up there several weekends a month instructing in the Pitts and she could learn to fly at the same time. I had forgotten how strong the impact of learning to fly can be on people. It has done wonderful things for her. And us. Learning to fly is an extremely intense psychological experience and it affects different people in different ways.

But it's always positive. In most cases, it is the one experience in which a person can clearly see that it is "their" experience and belongs to no one else. The cockpit excludes anyone else. The emotions and fears must be dealt with on a one-to-one basis.

No one can do it for them. Certainly, the thing most folks don't expect is the way in which the experience rekindles their interest in life in general. For most folks, it is as if a veil has been lifted from everything around them and they see everything more clearly. And have more confidence. It's not unusual for a person to suddenly find it's possible to take control of heretofore uncontrollable cts of their lives, once they've started flying. It uncorks psychological reserves that may have remained hidden for a lifetime unless the people had to come face to face with themselves in the act of learning to fly.

The excitement and freshness I'm seeing in The Redhead is what I see in others, as well as myself, when I get a new rating.

Or strap the Pitts on after an absence. Or when I discover a new facet of aviation like flying the Sherpa in the bush. That experience alone has made me feel like a born-again student for over a year. The very act of flying must release some flavor of endorphin into our brain, which gives us the same mental high runners supposedly feel. And we have to continually recharge that experience by putting ourselves back into the student role. Back into that exciting front edge of a new experience.

In watching a new student, like my lady, climbing those first rungs of the ladder, I find myself rediscovering flight. I'm seeing it fresh and new and tasting some of her excitement myself.

I only wish I could reach out to the rest of the world and drag them in to experience the therapeutic value of aviation. It has so much more to offer the troubled mind, the bored soul, the un-focused emotion than outsiders could possibly imagine.

Like so many before her, The Redhead AKA Marlene is just now discovering a part of herself she never really knew existed. And, I'm just discovering The Redhead. It was, and is, both harder and better than I remembered. Some observations follow.

The Davisson household returned to normalcy in a purposely graduated sort of way: I spent all of March flying local students because social distancing and masks would work. At the same time, I officially announced that I was no longer going to fly on Sundays.

Chimp vs. Robot Magic

This was a drastic effort to shorten my work weeks and give me some time in the shop. Once again, we have really outstanding guests! How do we keep getting so lucky?! These two were from Montana and he flew for the Navy A-4s for a time, left to become a Park Ranger but joined the Air National Guard and flew Fs and Fs in aggressor roles until retiring from that recently.

Not only did he have a ton of stories to tell, but he and my hangar mate ex-USAF, Vietnam Fs, etc bonded instantly. Even better, a hangar neighbor, also from Montana, and he had an amazing number of communal friends. Having the couple around was a load of fun.

He had never flown anything like the Pitts, which really lit his fire, so a good time was had by all. Your average pilot has no interest in Pitts Specials or tailwheel airplanes.

In fact, they often look at the Pitts as an indication that the pilot may well be a Hells Angel gone to seed. Or they are some other type who is on the edge of social norms due to a form of mental aberration that makes them think that flying upside down and pulling Gs is a good thing. So, on that score, before we open the front door, we at least know something about whomever is standing on the other side.

Unfortunately, those who are still locked down will never know how badly we feel for them. However, buck up, folks. Normalcy is just over the horizon. This means you may not be good at explaining them. My year-old step son is out of work and had an opportunity for a job interview that would require him to know how to MIG weld and repair ornamental and security steel work on rental properties.

He had never done either and asked me for help, which I was glad to do. Welding and steel work is my thing and MIG welding is incredibly easy learn, at least when doing the kind of work that would be expected of him. He went for the interview and was given an assignment to do a specific project and return it to the potential employer. Not a terribly complicated job but it would definitely show the employer how well he could work steel and how well he could weld.

No big deal! Or so I thought. He sat down, starting cutting with my favorite steel working tool, an angle head grinder with cut-off disks and I walked off. When I returned, he had cut the ends that were to be joined in a manner that had never even crossed my mind. It would join the tubes in an externally clean manner but was structurally weak and required about ten times as much work for each joint as a simple miter would take.

Or, failing that, simply use the 45 degree, sliding guide on the combination square I had loaned him. Neither possibility had occurred to him. Why did I automatically think to miter the corners? So, it was a no brainer.

I walked away again, leaving him to make his cuts. All he needed was to tack weld the corners, not finish welding, as he went, making sure each was square and not finish welding any joint until the entire cube was tack welded together.

I do it on teaching gas welding all the time, but not on this. I had to stress that to hold dimensions when cutting, you have to make the decision to either leave the line, center it in the cutting wheel kerf or barely take the line.

Precision is the build-up of tiny details like that. However, whatever he learned from building that cube, I learned twice as much. In teaching it, I came away much smarter than I went in. It is, however, a little sad seeing how many friends have since passed. So, here it is. Images of the first day at a fly-in are hiding behind it. Hundreds of them. And after each one, a blank page stares at me expecting me to fill it. And each time, it somehow gets filled. Just as this one will. As I sit here, free-associating and remembering, I think back to the people of the day.

There were Mike and Margaret Wilson. Following not far behind, and often passing him, is Margaret, almost his age, in her fire-breathing TransAm. Everyone I know wants to be Mike and Margaret when they grow up.

Curtis Pitts, he who has made our lives so special with his little biplanes, asked Tom Poberezny, who was driving him, to stop, while he got out to said hi. I gave him a hug. How could I not? So many would like to do the same, so my hug was from all of us to the man who has given us so much.

We miss you Curtis! dropped her head over my shoulder and gave me a little nuzzle while The Redhead and I were having lunch. We were delighted to see her. She and Syd were there with the B and we made a date for dinner.

There is so much about their lives I want to know. But they have found gold in so many other ways. They are treasured friends. Someone was asking about Yak 55Ms, when I glanced up and saw Patty striding through the crowd towards me.

Her smile was as wide as the ramp and as bright as the polished Mustang behind her. We were glad to see one another and she swapped hugs with The Redhead Patty calls her Marlooney and me. Some people make you glad they are friends with nothing more than a smile and the sure knowledge that they are always there.

Carl popped up unannounced and we were so glad to see him that the electricity was instantaneous. The words were short. The time even shorter. Gotta remedy that.

Then was Jim. Or a couple of millenniums. At least a lifetime. We laughed. We picked on each other. It was an easy exchange in which we melded together as we always do.

Nothing particularly important happened, other than the fact that we were at home with one another. That was important enough. Fly-ins are people places, but, of the thousands milling around, you know only a few of them.

They are like grains of sand on a huge beach, but somehow, year after year, you keep running into them. Flying much? You never know, but you look forward to it. All of us know people whom we see only at fly-ins. Sometimes we do, but not nearly often enough. The rest of the faces we search the crowd for might be labeled Fly-in Friends. They occupy a special corner of our hearts and minds and, even though time spent with them during the year can be measured in minutes, we see them as more than mere acquaintances.

without seeing them makes those events seem a little smaller. In all of these cases, our conversations are continuations of one we started last year. Or the year before. A few of those conversations have been in process since before the EAA Convention moved to Oshkosh in Added, up they probably total less than an hour in length.

As I look back over the first day of this fly-in, I realize it has been a full one. And a good one. We touched base with many points in our friendship circle so we feel as if the day has been well invested. Fly-in friends make it that kind of a day. PS There were some airplanes there too. However, even I see some sort of symbology in that.

Both sides of the political aisle can be seen wearing baseball hats. No matter the politics nor the geographical location, every level of our culture and our society wears them. However, there seems to be a multi-level divide in how the bill should be curved. There are two basic bill shapes: curved with tightly-curved being a sub-set of curve and absolutely flat. What do each say about the wearer? If anything. Maybe because of the similarity to a duck bill? Absolutely Flat Bills.

Wearing the hat with a stone-flat bill is, to me anyway, a new phenomenon. However, you never see them at rodeos, NASCAR races, honky-tonks, hotrod meets, shooting ranges, country music festivals, etc. Culturally, the right side of the aisle seems to want nothing to do with flat hat bills. Have you ever seen a gray dog wearing a flat-brim hat?

However, increasingly, they seem to be the proper social attire for the young. But, we all know how silly those folks are! Tightly Curved Bill: There are a couple of variations of the curved hat bill.

They include mildly curved bills and curved-tighter-than-hell bills. Potato Head in one but I wear them when flying anyway. However, the only folks who can get away with the super-tightly-scrunched bills have to have a physical look that matches the tight bill. You to be slim, with longer than normal hair and it helps if you have a couple days growth and are leading a horse behind you or getting out of a truck that has more rust than paint. And definitely not shorts. Denim is the obvious match to the hat.

This is okay as long as they are advertising John Deere, Colt or Ruger. Or even C. Martin or Gibson. However, a Titleist, Ping or Mercedes hat looks wildly out of place on a country stage. It may even be illegal!

No. Articles on the website are included in a Los Angeles Times subscription. Viewing the printed pages and clips at requires a fee The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no ct of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex Girl of the Week: Though Sasha, Ratchet's love interest from the third game, has a brief cameo at the beginning of the fourth. Additionally, Talwyn (though not necessarily a love interest) has a large role in Quest for Booty as well as her first game, Tools of Destruction

And now for cowboy hats: One way of finding me at a fly-in is to look for the well-worn Stetson. I live in cowboy hats, when outside. Also, I wear them for the same reason cowboys do: At fly-ins we need the shade. Think about that image. So, the brims often had very little curve front to back but often had just a little rim around the brim, maybe to keep rain water more controllable. Those of us who have hats that show sweat stains from many decades of wear, seem to favor that shape because we came of age watching Westerns.

I have chubby cheeks so mine is a chubby-cheek hat that tones down the Mr. Potato Head effect. That having been said, I should mention that this week Hasbro announced that Mr. Potato Head has suffered gender elimination. I tend to associate the squarish brim cowboy hat with a younger generation, many of whom are actually working the land. So, they can get away with any shape they want. They are not of the cowboy variety.

The Flag. The saddest trend in wearable symbology is the way that wearing the flag, either on a shoulder patch, as a tie or on a hat, evokes a negative thought pattern in some folks.

Especially those on the left side of the aisle. Who ever thought that wearing the flag would be a problem? It denotes patriotism, which, itself somehow has a negative connotation in some quarters. Sometimes I can tolerate change. Enuff said? As I said last week, the pandemic and the associated shutdowns constituted a form a stay-cation for us.

Fortunately, during the shutdown, magazine editors were hard pressed for content, so my writing output was greatly increased. I did a ton of feature articles during the shutdown. A ton! To fly one hour of Pitts dual-given takes two hours and fifteen minutes minimum because of the pre and postflight briefings, ground school, transit time, fitting cushions to saddle up, etc.

I do that a minimum of twice a day which means that five hours a day, seven days a week, are consumed by flight instruction. And I have a few negative feelings about it. When the airplane was being rebuilt init was down for 93 days and I was getting pretty antsy by the time it was ready to go. I guess some people are just hardwired to be teachers. However, the dedicated teacher will tell you that they do it because they want to.

Not because they have to. They look forward to it. In so many ways it is their identity. Both are challenges. Both are centered on problem solving, some of which requires instantaneous action on my part. Even though both of our work days are spent in the house, usually on computers, we only see each other, as we breeze past in the hall racing to meet our next commitment. Not a good feeling considering that the age-clock that every graydog has ticking in his head is continually getting louder.

The good news is that the nation still exists and is coming out of hibernation. Some parts of it are more awake than others, but the people are stirring.

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Why not? I understand. So, not splitting our house with someone else and me not leaving for the airport early every morning, let us concentrate that was going on within the four walls of ourselves. That included The Banger race car project.

I built the frame from scratch and I mean by scratch: The entire thing was made of flat gauge cold roll steel. I was trying replicate the way it would have been done aroun which is the supposed period of the car I started with. It was at least two and probably three cars, that someone had tried to cobble together to race, but they never came close: Nothing was joined in such a way that it could have been driven.

The rear radius rods and suspension, for instance, besides being laughably crude, were dimensioned all wrong: The radius rods were pivoted a full six inches behind the front U-joint so things would have broken the first time it hit a bump. I adapted that to a 3-speed Ford transmission, which would give me sychromesh gears in 2nd and 3rd. A stock Model A trans has no synchro anywhere. I thought I could save the nose too, but it turned out to be horribly cracked everywhere and wildly out of line.

Very rusty but period looking and would clean up. The steering box also was worth saving. I finished the frame, got the engine, suspension and transmission mounted and totally rebuilt the steel framework that framed the cockpit and mounted the firewall. There were many yards of cutting and welding to make that framework square and presentable.

The car just returned from a couple weeks at his place where he hammered out a new nose,repaired and mounted the cowling and tail and hooked up the steering arm to the front end I had put together. Now it not only looks like a car, but IS a car.

An alignment issue popped up while he was doing that and after it came home I had to strip everything off the frame to check it for square again thinking that might be the problem. When the new rear crossmember is in, the car will need all of its systems fabricated and installed, brakes, electrical, fuel, radiator, etc.

Plus, everything about the car is right out in the open so working on that kind of stuff is embarrassingly easy compared to the same thing on The Roadster, where everything was crammed together and impossible to get at. So, work on the Banger will slow down. Now, I actually have to go back to work. Oh, well, I knew that sooner or later I was going to have leave Disneyland. The Perseverance landing had an emotion edge to it because we were in the control room sharing the tension and the excitement with those who made it happen.

I got choked up just watching. Ming the Merciless had arrived! Only the gray dogs among you will get that reference. The writer was trying to locate a Grassroots column I had written years ago and could I forward it to him. Another absolute miracle happened when I was able to find the original draft of it.

I had written it in !!! In reading it, I felt as if it was something worth sharing. Hozro is the Navajo word, which, if I understand it correctly, denotes a concept in which you strive for balance within yourself, with the natural world around you and with the spirituality which that world contains.

But, more than simply being aviators, we are serious aviators and our interest is more than an interest. I remember hearing The Redhead on the phone a few years back, when it looked as if selling the Pitts would be a smart financial move. and I told him no way! Not, if I have anything to do about it.

Ready girl screwing a chimp can suggest

They definitely do not see themselves as one entity, their environment as another and their spirtual beliefs as yet another. They see them all as parts of a whole. Their religious beliefs and their identity as a people spring from the land and everything blends together with no borders between spirituality, life and the world.

Their religion, if you want to call it that, is simply the way they live their lives. The people whom I see as being truly satisfied with their lives have all developed a delicate balance between their passions, what they do and who they are. These people radiate a quiet confidence that has nothing to do with how much they earn, what they say, how they dress or what they fly.

They are just there, quietly doing what they do and enjoying their lives. Even if aviation is their central interest, they know there are many other factors which must be included in their lives or there would be no balance.

It would be a good life, but not a balanced one. Few Anglos do. Those of us who constantly seek a balance eventually reach it. I can let lots of stuff roll off my back. Oh, waitI may have just told a couple of lies. The sole exception might be how I feel about perfecting flying skills. All that having been said, I want to describe a surprising, but, fortunately, short term, episode that happened last weekend that showed me a forgotten side of myself.

Then I can start flying the more than 30 folks on my Pitts waiting list. One of those hops was early last Sunday. It had been a decent hop during which I made five landings. all of which were above average for me, so I should have been in a good mood. However, as I was driving home, I had a series of disturbing thoughts invade my mood.

The plan for the day was that, when I got home I was going to concentrate on the final shaping of the butt stock for one of my rolling block single-shot rifle projects, of which I have five in process. This in addition to four muzzle-loading rifles, two Mausers bolt actions one a yard target, iron sighted target piece and one Martini range rifle. As I drove, my brain was skipping from rolling block to rolling block trying to decide which one to jump on as soon as I got home.

That was a really upsetting thought. In a nano second, I was in a funk. Nothing has any worth because the time is so short. Who gives a crap!?

By the time I got home, I was a total waste of space. I wandered into the front room, slumped into a chair, and just sat there. My brain was awash in negative thoughts. What the hell?! Sparks were streaming out of angle-head grinders with cutoff wheels. MIG welders were making the so-identifiable bacon-frying sounds. Bits of unrelated steel were being combined to create something very unique and cool. There was something very calming and affirming about the process I was watching.

In about ten minutes I was very conscious of my negative thought patterns fading. The sure knowledge that I was never going to get everything finished was mutating into something else. The negativism was slowly being replaced by a plan of action. That was hardly a new thought. Out of that came a new set of Rules of Engagement in terms of finishing projects.

The Banger Car and The Roadster would be top priority, in that order. However, short periods of time, an hour or so, would be interspersed between automotive endeavors and aimed at the rifles. Without any conscious thought, those were also prioritized.

The new butt stock for the was number one as it was already fitted, had the butt plate attached and was half way through final shaping. The pecking order of the other rifle projects fell in behind that one. Negative thoughts and funks are hard to avoid. In my experience, depression is often the culmination of us creating, and then feeding on, our own negative thoughts. The way I beat them back is to step into the shop and start making sawdust or sparks. BTW - Never finish all of your projects.

We always need something to look forward to. However, I am going to put a You-Tube link at the end of this treatise that I think every 2nd Amendment supporter should watch. It said that most people have two energy peaks during the day that may be two to four hours apart. We have no control over when they occur, how strong they are or anything else.

They are at pm and pm so, like it or not, I was a night owl, continually working until midnight or and not getting up until Those were, and still are, my most creative hours and when I do most of my drafting of articles, etc. My first wife was a morning person there was constant conflict in that area.

When I came out here, I was instantly put in charge of running a man operation manufacturing and mail order sales that started at So, I arrived atforcing myself out of the sack at or so. This was six days a week for nine very intense months and it reset, or at least revised, my body clock.

However, my most creative hours were still late in the afternoon and evening. I should also mention that my body clock has always been cast in concrete and lets me have six to six and a half hours of sleep. I never use alarm clocks. I just wake up.

It just happens. During the period, when I first got here and my body clock was being reset, I became very aware of a difference in the way my brain worked early morning versus early evening.

in the early morning. I also start drinking a half dozen cups of coffee a day. So, now I run my days based on what I learned during that period and have kept my body clock set to what it became during that time: Updepending on what my body feels like doing, but I try hard to give myself a six and a half window to sleep. They are going in too many directions. However, the central one goes back to the last line of the Thinking Out Loud I did two weeks ago.

But, you know what? Right now, we have to hope that those who we sent to Washington do what they were sent there to do. That, however, assumes the electoral process works as it should. If it works, the mid-term elections will solve a lot of our perceived problems. Or at least prevent them from getting worse.

going to have to live with. Among them, much higher taxes, a border that might as well not be there, a government size that will grow in leaps and bounds and a ton of regulations and policies that will slow the economy, cause businesses to go overseas againetc.

Again, that train has left the station. However, the important stuff-our home, family and friends-are the things over which we have some control and affect us directly. Those we need to worry about. However, believe me, this has the makings of a disaster for a large segment of the flying public. If there is any good news out there, it is that the vaccines are starting to roll out. So, when it comes back to me in a couple of weeks the project becomes one of fabricating and installing systems brakes, electrical, fuel, etc.

because, being an open wheel race car, all of those systems are right out where you can see them. Circling back to the political stuff: The world has not, nor will it, come to an end. Although there are going to be some dire changes that make many of us unhappy, we will survive I think. Just know that the American spirit that has taken us through pandemics, wars and political upheavals in the past is still healthy enough to see us through again.

So, hang in there! What the hell is going on?! What follows are thoughts from the fog of war ingulfing us. This is a helluva way to start to start a new year! First, the topic of the month: the DC invasion. Regardless of how you spin it, Trump was wrong to fire up the crowd.

However, from a transcript of the speech it would appear that what transpired went well past what he expected to happen. And investigations appear to be saying that the early reports about what happened may not be correct. However, telling something like 45, people to march down to the Capital and make their displeasure known was almost guaranteed to backfire. Social media Has absolute control of what the country sees and thinks.

They dwarf network or cable news in terms of information flow and their control of it. Today, social media is more than social. However, for the first time in our history, much of the population is doubting the ballot box.

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