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Well, maybe not by that name, but I assure you, we do. A fast rising star, award winning actress, and even more often award nominated. So why am I writing about her here, and under a bit of a pseudonym. What has she to do with this little interest and hobby of ours? Arranged to meet me? And barely even 14 months ago. Yes, I thought you might have hard of it, now I tell you that.Hot girl sex fat game.

He walked back round the desk, sitting down and placing the paddle to one side, in front of the girl.

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He looked into her face, seeing the tears there. Miss Watson watched as the girl, wincing as she did so, gently lowered herself onto the hardness of the chair, tenderly sitting forward to relieve the weight pressing down on her bottom.

The Principal made a few more notes on the paperwork, signing and dating the punishment administered. Taking it back, he passed it to Miss Watson, who read through it again, and then signed to confirm that the punishment had been administered as recorded.

You deserved every part of this. But if you are back in here again for similar reasons, you may find yourself thinking you got away lightly today.

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Next time, you may find yourself out of the school completely. Is that understood? Your behaviour will be watched, and if you put a foot wrong for the rest of the year, you will find yourself back over that desk. Do you understand? She had stood up, but her eyes widened at this, and her hands swung back towards her throbbing bottom.

Karen felt the cane touch her bottom, as the Headmaster worked out his position. The cane lifted, and after a moment, she heard a swish, a great CRACK, and then a blaze of pain burnt in a line across her buttocks. She pulled a grimace on her face, let out a breath, and waited. Again, swish CRACK. A new line of johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 5 mins Naughty girls about to be caned. Another naughty Japanese girl. Top Posts & Pages. A collection of spanking stories. Their punishment is about to begin. A Russian whipping. A few spanking illustrations. Spanked in front of a friend. Cornertime part i. Mother spanking daughter. Over the knee from forty years ago. A good spanking with a hairbrush She took his hand, made as much of a Curtsey as was possible with your trousers and knickers round your knees, and kissed his hand. "Thank you, Uncle Edgar, for a most well-deserved punishment.". A glint in her eye as she rose caught his. "Mother taught me that, at least", as she gave a rueful grin

Miss Watson took the paperwork, walked to the door, opened it, and let Alice leave. Sometimes, sometimes, witnessing a paddling does bring you a little treat, she thought.

I wonder what will happen to her at home. As she sat at her desk, she closed her eyes, and thought of those jeans being taken down, and a thick belt swinging towards the paddle-bruised buttocks, and the yells the girl would make as it did so. View all posts by David Adams. Like Like. You write well, and this was pretty hot. Because if so, you may have to be punished daily till you write them up for us. No, nothing in my past - and I prefer to be on the handle end of any implement rather than the business end.

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She proffered up the note, while I observed the uniform, socks, black shoes, knee length pleated kilt, blouse, tie, blazer, hair tied back into a simple ponytail. I read it. Messing about in class, answering back, refusing to settle to her work, then passing a note, and finally rudely defying an order to stand in the corner. Quite enough. When a teacher tells you to do something, you do it. You complete it. You do your work. You do not answer back! Particularly when she is punishing you, as she is allowed to, for all the other misbehaviours.

Am I clear? Do you know what that is, girl? The Cane. Not a penalty I use lightly, but nevertheless, one that I feel is well deserved in your case. A good, long, sound caning, to see if we can beat some sense into your naughty little bottom. I need to fill this in, so stand over there, by the door, facing the wall. Hands on your head. She went over, glancing back, while I started to write the details from her note into the book.

So they went in the book. Details of the offences. I put the pen down, and glanced over. Quite a cute little look.

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So I grabbed her phone, and took a couple of shots, before standing up, walking over to the rack over the fireplace and taking down the cane. This was, I thought, a good moment, and having slipped her phone into my pocket, pulled it out and took a couple more shots of her, now laid across the desk with her bare bottom on show, before moving round to get a couple of her face.

So I gave her a few moments to start recording, pointing at her face, before she settled back down again. I stood beside her, and placed the cane across her bottom, pulled tight by the act of bending over the desk. Twelve of the best for a very naughty schoolgirl. I want you to count them. And say thank you, and then please may you have another. Even after the twelfth. I lifted the cane away, and gave her a good, solid stroke.

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The cane swished in the air, and cracked on her bottom. It was a shock. It hurt. She gd and then yelled. I watched the mark develop across the line where I had placed the stroke.

Please may I have another. I scolded her as I caned her. She was here to work. To learn. To develop into a responsible adult. And this caning was here to help her.

To show her how far short of that she was falling. This brought a clear reaction. As she sot of reared up, before lowering herself down again and grasping the corners of the desk hard. I was working down now onto some fresher, unmarked skin, just grazing the top of the thighs, winning another strong reaction, this time with kicking feet, with her knickers sliding down and constricting her movement over a couple of strokes.

I swung the cane hard, cracking into her bottom, across the marks that were already there.

Please may I have an an an an nother. I raised the cane, I waited, and then the swish through the air lead to the crack of the contact with the skin, leading to the yell of pain as I brought the last stroke down.

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I sat back behind the desk, and completed the entry. I singed the book, then turned it to her, and ordered her to sign it. She bent over the desk, signed her name, and stood up again. She glanced at me, and then at the cane, and then at me, before reaching out and touching it. Lifting the end to towards her lips, she gently kissed it. She did so, first hanging up the cane, and then gingerly pulling up her knickers, before letting down her skirt.

She stood before my desk. I trust I will not see you back in here again, or you will receive a repeat dose. A few minutes later, I opened the door. She had found the paper towels in the bathroom and was soothing her bottom with cold water.

Summertime and the spankin' is easy. Skirts are rising and the hands fall from high. Oh your daddy's strict and doles out a good hidin'. So weep, little lady, spanked till you cry. One of these mornings. You'll be turned over the knee. Yes, he'll pull up your dress. And bottom he's baring I rose from my chair, took up the cane, and held it out. "It is customary to kiss the cane used to punish you, and thank me for a well deserved caning.". She glanced at me, and then at the cane, and then at me, before reaching out and touching it. "Would you step in here, please, Miss Watson. I need you as a witness". The door had opened, and the Principal had stepped out to speak to the School Secretary in the outer office. She knew what would soon be taking place, and took a moment to try Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

I offered her some bruise cream, but she declined. I suggested she get changed, and come back through.

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I could see her wincing as she returned. A pair of tight jeans was perhaps not quite the right choice after all. I have her a hue hug, told her how brave she was. No-one will believe this story, she suggested.

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I agreed she was right. And after a bit more conversation, we gathered out things and left, walking back to the station together. Strangely, she seemed keen not to sit down.

And another with video. After they had shot the scene, she told me that she had watched that video over and over, until she could mostly recreate her reactions. A firm reminder at the start of term that good behaviour is always required, or even more serious punishment may result. Miss Matilda Emerald Pouncenby is one of the many of our nations young who travel to this host nation for holiday purposes, seeking beaches, warm weather and sunny days.

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Within the confines of the hotel complexes and their private beaches, a certain leniency is given by the local authorities towards matters of dress and conduct, particularly with regard to alcohol and revealing clothing. Miss Pouncenby had left her hotel complex to walk along the street to a local shop at around in the afternoon. For a couple of years, VI Formers had been permitted to dispense with the Blazer, and wear tights rather than socks, and in some instances shorter skirts were creeping in, except on special occasions, so Karen checked she had everything she needed.

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As she was about to turn off the light, a thought took her back to her cupboard. Looking at the Uniform rules pinned inside the door, she rummaged around until she found the oppressively dull Navy Blue Regulation Knickers all girls were meant to wear.

Better safe than sorry. The morning came with the ringing of the 7 am bell. Karen shot to shower, and then returned to get dressed. Better not to put off, she reasoned. Underwear, plain white bra, blue knickers.

Summertime and the spankin' is easy. Skirts are rising and the hands fall from high. Oh your daddy's strict and doles out a good hidin'. So weep, little lady, spanked till you cry. One of these mornings. You'll be turned over the knee. Yes, he'll pull up your dress. And bottom he's baring. Oh, now every morning The girl stood up, rubbing her bottom, tears in her eyes. "Jessica, your turn". The blonde girl bent over, grd her ankles and waited. She was standing at different angle to the other girl and when she bent over I had a delicious view of her private johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 8 mins Originally line art by GJ Churchward, a spanking artist drawing in the late 90s. This young lady has been waiting to be summoned to receive a crisp six-of-the-best from the Headmisteress with the cane across her bare little bottom. David Adams Art, School, Uniform 3 Comments 25th Jan 26th Nov 1 Minute

No tights, but long grey socks. Karen buttoned her blouse, thinking with each button of a stroke of the cane. Then the pleated kilt, its blue and green tartan reaching to just above her knees. Grey Blazer.

The hat could wait for later. Referral form in her pocket. Breakfast, then collect her books for lessons, then morning tutor group.

At the start of her first class, Karen waited at the front. Karen made her way to her desk. Slinking into the seat, she checked she could see the clock. She fitfully engaged with the lesson, until at she raised her hand.

You may go for your caning.

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Grand and imposing, containing the Hall and a grand staircase, the building could be intimidating even under normal circumstances. Wait by the door, facing the wall, hands on your head. Karen waited. Bells went.

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Break time. Girls streaming past to get to lessons.

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Must be past 10 by now. The door opened. The Deputy Heads came out. The door closed. Then reopened. Indicating a spot in front of the great wooden desk, she was directed to stand.

Taking a seat behind the desk, Dr Hopkins looked at her. This is not the conduct I would expect of one of my most able pupils. Having read the report, and, I must say, viewed the skimpy clothing you came back to us in, I feel there is no alternative but a sound dose of the cane. Do you want to say anything? Blazer and hat on the hooks, then go to the school desk over there.

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Karen did as she was ordered. Dr Hopkins went to a cupboard, and took out a thick cane and a leather bound book. She heard him open and write in the book.

Then came the footsteps as he crossed the room to where she was standing. They will be on the better bottom.

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