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Conquering the female orgasm has been an elusive task that has befuddled people since the dawn of time. It's no wonder we're still talking about it, to be honest. The full structure of the clitoris wasn't even discovered until the late '90s. The clitoris is, of course, the star of the female orgasm. It's no secret that women who identify as heterosexual have fewer orgasms than anyone else.Hana montana hot pusy.

To investigate the nature and origins of the fluid, Samuel Salama, a gynaecologist at the Parly II private hospital in Le Chesnay, France, and his colleagues recruited seven women who report producing large amounts of liquid - comparable to a glass of water - at orgasm.

First, these women were asked to provide a urine sample. An ultrasound scan of their pelvis confirmed that their bladder was completely empty.

Three-hour orgasm sends woman to ER. From TLC's show "Sex sent me to the ER" a woman was rushed to the ER after experiencing a three hour orgasm Sex researchers explain the facts about female ejaculation, or squirting, including what it is, where the fluid comes from, and if all women can ejaculate. Find out more johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 5 mins Sometimes referred to as squirting, and banned in UK porn, no one knew what the fluid some women produce at orgasm was composed of until now. Sometimes referred to as

The women then stimulated themselves through masturbation or with a partner until they were close to having an orgasm - which took between 25 and 60 minutes. A second pelvic ultrasound was then performed just before the women climaxed.

At the point of orgasm, the squirted fluid was collected in a bag and a final pelvic scan performed.

Even though the women had urinated just before stimulation began, the second scan - performed just before they climaxed - showed that their bladder had completely refilled.

A chemical analysis was performed on all of the fluid samples.

Two women showed no difference between the chemicals present in their urine and the fluid squirted at orgasm. PSA, produced in men by the prostate gland, is more commonly associated with male ejaculate, where its presence helps sperm to swim.

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In females, says Salama, PSA is produced mainly by the Skene glands. Participants were asked how much touching they needed to reach orgasm and what exact strokes produced the most pleasure, among other questions.

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While there's no formula for the perfect orgasm, the study shows that some types of touch are more popular than others. And while the researchers make no judgments, Herbenick has one suggestion for women hoping to experience more pleasurable orgasms: maintain an open dialogue with your partner about the type of touch you like. To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Healthy Living newsletter. Home Sexual Health These Are the Moves That Really Make Women Orgasm, According to Science.

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These Are the Moves That Really Make Women Orgasm, According to Science. Anecdotally, scores of women who squirt agree.

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Scientists have even suggested that squirting may have a purpose beyond pleasure: to keep women peeing painlessly post-sex. Some scientists have hypothesised that ejaculatory fluid could flush harmful bacteria out of the urethra after they have made their way up there during intercourse, helping prevent uncomfortable urinary tract infections.

One major finding: 37of women said they need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Another 36said that having this body part touched isn't necessary for reaching the big O-but it does make Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of fluid from a female's urethra during orgasm or sexual arousal. The urethra is the duct that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body Here's the lowdown on 'squirting': the expulsion of fluid from a woman's down-belows around the point of orgasm. The first time Gilly, 41, squirted, it left her on a high. "I was Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

Ultimately though, however the body squirts, what it squirts out and whether or not this has bonus benefits - why should any of that matter if it feels good? Many women who do ejaculate say that what gets them there is stimulating the G-spot: an area about cm inside the vagina. It's on the front wall so towards your belly button, not your back and sometimes feels slightly rougher or more textured than the surrounding flesh.

Squirting is the outflow of a liquid other than urine from the vagina's urethra during an orgasm. Some people call this female ejaculation, though not everyone with a vagina is johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 5 mins A punky girl shares her wisdom with a young girl, but there is scary surprise twist Yes friends, squirting is real, It's worth explaining to your partner that it won't necessarily happen every time, and that a squirt doesn't mean an orgasm or vice johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 5 mins

And this we now know to be like an iceberg: the hood and head you can see on the outside of the body are merely the tip of a much bigger organ that extends downwards around the vaginal passage.

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Put a towel down first. And, as we're all made differently, remember that not everyone actually likes this kind of stimulation.

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And definitely stop if you're not having a good time. Some women feel there are expectations placed upon them to summon up Niagara Falls from their nethers by partners who might have watched squirting-themed pornography.

So what viewers see on camera - and try to copy at home - may not be fully feasible. The lesson?

Approach it with a sense of open-minded fun, not obligation or stigmatisation. A final note on squirting in porn, and the law.

If you want to have more orgasms, you have to be unafraid to direct the focus on you. Thirty percent of men think women orgasm through sex alone and that is not good. So, let's make sex

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