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A slew of really nice compliments! Trollop, slut, tart Should I go on? Chris Brown is a douche, obviously. There is nothing more performatively macho than punching everything you see.

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He re-cuts an already perfect movie like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and holds a screening of his version. The sixty-fourth-greatest movie of ALL TIME! Or rather, they can be called bitches, but not in the true sense of the word.

It changes the whole meaning. You can only call females-or, fine, female dogs, too-bitches and have it be semantically accurate. Fret not, though! There are plenty of other fun words to call the special lady in your life who happens to be acting like a big jerk. Next time try dick, asshole, fuckface, twizzletit, or cockmuppet.

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Certainly not as we enter the political douchepocalypse that has enveloped. Kinda hard to find joy in the assinine foibles and bad taste of youth dating when the world is toking a shmeg pipe filled with rat poop and pumpkin seed.

Perhaps obvious douchewanks with hot chicks in tow have vanished like Rollo Tomase chasing Keyser Soze. You might presume that a faux tanned Ed Hardy disciple inappropriately cuddle-macking Svetlana is uberdouche precisely because of douche face.

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posted by douchebag1 PM Categories: HCwDB of the Year 13 comments. I do not know if this pic is recent. But it not matter.

For this brief snapshot of toxic toe fung rejoinders to remind us. Thanks for the reminder S. posted by douchebag1 AM Categories: TBT 15 comments. Monday, April 23, Boom Siss Boom Siss boom siss boom siss boom siss boom siss eeehhh eeehhh ehhhh - bah bah bah - eeehhh eeehhh eeehhh - bah bah bah - boom siss boom siss boom siss boom siss eeehhh eeehhh ehhhh - bah bah bah - eeehhh eeehhh eeehhh - bah bah bah - The ephemeral pulsing life beat of our collective past, once horrific in its repetitive drone and emblematic of the lost specter of meaning, now receding in a haze of otherness.

posted by admin PM Categories and then he woke up 15 comments. Tuesday, February 27, Spy on Vegas: The Muted Mutation So where did all those rank stench pics that fueled the HCwDB run actually come from? In checking my old stomping grounds, the Vegas Wonkery is still present.

But far more muted than in its hair spike heyday. And so it goes in the age of post-postbaggery. posted by admin PM Categories: Vegas 14 comments. posted by admin AM Categories: Douchepose 28 comments.

Mids Watch 21 Why you're too good at reading people to have a strong social bond with others?

posted by douchebag1 PM Categories: Happy New Year! Thursday, October 5, This Month in HCwDB History: 10 Years Ago,The Oompa Prompas Holy guacamole! Has it really been a decade? A decade. We did our best to sound the alarm. And lo, the Trumpocalpyse struck back. Did it ever. Holy crap.

So let us reflect on October of HCwDB may be finished, but the mock will never die. No account yet? Create an account. Community Dashboard Write an Article Request a New Article More Ideas Edit this Article. Courses New Skills for Work New Expert Videos About wikiHow Pro Upgrade Sign In. Home Random Browse Articles Courses New About wikiHow Easy Ways to Help Approve Questions Fix Spelling Quiz App More Things to Try We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

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Cookie Settings. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Categories Personal Care and Style Personal Hygiene Feminine Hygiene How to Douche for Feminine Hygiene. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary.

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Author Info Last ated: May 6, References. Part 1. All rights reserved.

wikiHow, Inc. is the copyright holder of this image under U. and international copyright laws. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Know that your body cleans out vaginal discharge, blood, and semen on its own.

Many women douche in order to clean themselves after a period, rinse out vaginal discharge, or to clean out semen after sex.

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The great thing about the human body though, is that it is built to do these things on its own. government agency providing resources for women's health Go to source. The last few years of studies have offered up important research that shows that douching can be more harmful than beneficial to your body.

The vagina naturally cleans itself with its high acidity and natural mucous, which douching removes. As a result of douching, you are more likely to suffer from a yeast infection or other bacterial infection. Talk to your doctor before you decide to douche, and do so at their discretion.

26/12/ I Am A Douche Funny Mug Picture. I Don't Always Drive Like A Douche Bag Funny Meme. Lost Dog Goes By Douche Mouth Funny Picture. Maximan Douche Level Achieved Funny Image. Mostly Just A Douche Funny Picture. Significant New Evidence Found In Douche Probe Funny News. Stupid Poses Guys Do Funny Douche Poster. Tells You To Dump Your Girlfriend 30/04/ To douche for feminine hygiene, first prepare a douching solution by mixing 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Alternatively, purchase a douching kit from your drug store if you don't want to 77%(59) 15/12/ When Douches became sentient, sometime around late (my working theory is that Cyberdyne installed social media filtration behavior modification nanobots in their Axe hair-gel), douche face, 'bag hand gesture, and all remaining simian asswafflery receded to the memories of a simpler, more mock-worthy era

Some women feel like they need to douche in order to get rid of itching or burning they feel near or inside their vagina. These are symptoms of an infection though, and douching simply covers them up. Although the vagina may have a very mild, constant odor, if you are experiencing a strong odor outside of your menstrual cycleit is likely a symptom of a possible infection.

Instead of trying to rinse out the odor, talk to your doctor and ask for their advice. They may or may not support the idea of douching, but it is best to go to them first rather than possibly making things worse. Wash the outside of your vagina as an alternative to douching. If you are concerned about keeping your vagina clean and odor-free in general, stick to washing the outside of your vagina instead.

Use a mild soap and warm water in the shower or bath to remove any sweat or grime that might have built up on the exterior of your vagina, while your body does the work of cleaning the inside on its own. Part 2.

29/10/ There may be one thing left that little girls can never be when they grow up. The last glass ceiling left unbroken. Something that perhaps no amount of leaning in could ever bestow on a Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins 10/01/ Rather-even more sinister-the douche bag bore witness to her horror of the female body, with its hidden recesses and shaming secretions; to the need, general at that time, to cleanse, purify, and empty out the wretch vessel of fecundity and dubious desire; perhaps to get rid, once and for all, of the very essence of femaleness, which seemed to both of us the thwarted purpose of her Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Choose a douching product. Look through the available douching products at your local drugstore to choose an option that looks best for you.

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Avoid any solution that contains scents or dyes, as these are much more likely to cause an infection. If you prefer, you can create your own douching solution at home using vinegar and only buy a squeeze bottle at the store for application.

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Prepare the douching solution. If you bought a kit at the store, follow the box directions to prepare the douching solution it came with. Typically you will need to use a quart of water to prepare it.

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If you are making your own at home, mix one part vinegar with three parts water, in an amount equal to at least two cups. Fill the squeeze bottle or douche pouch with the solution.

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Follow the directions on the box to do this, or simply pour the solution into the squeeze bottle. Get into the shower or bathtub. To prevent spilling any of the solution, get into the shower or bathtub for the entire process.

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