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In the animal kingdom , penises can be weird and wild things. Males of just about every animal species use some form of the organ to shoot sperm into females' eggs and create more little critters. But that's where the similarities end. Evolution has selected for some remarkable innovations in penis design. From detachable sex organs to spiked heads, Life's Little Mysteries explores the strange world of wildlife wieners. The Argentine lake duck has something to quack about.Girls hot naked bodys.

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Exposure to cold water or air makes your penis shrink. That's a function of the sympathetic nervous system. Psychological stress also involves the sympathetic nervous system, and stress has the same effect as a cold shower, Montague says.

When you're relaxed and feeling well, your flaccid penis looks bigger than when you're stressed out. The penis is "kind of a barometer of the sympathetic nervous system," Montague says.

So the greeting, "How's it hanging? What are the questions you have about your penis?

See what other guys have to say on WebMD's Men's Health: Man to Man message board. Among men, there is no consistent relationship between the size of the flaccid penis and its full erect length. In one study of 80 men, researchers found that increases from flaccid to erect lengths ranged widely, from less than a quarter inch to 3.

Video Transcript. Transcript for Year-Old Boy Found Drunk, Naked. He can even - and he was just. You know. Me - A major - is a mom and I'm like Alan coming - and we got some my son's Whatever you happen to call it - todger, wang, willy, or dangler - the penis is an odd-looking bit of kit. But beyond the japes and sniggers, it is, of course, vital to the survival of our WASHINGTON (ABC7) - Home surveillance cameras - or Nanny Cams - are designed to keep an eye on a child, a pet, or your home while you're ABC7

Whatever the clinical significance of these data may be, the locker-room significance is considerable. You can't assume that a dude with a big limp penis gets much bigger with an erection.

And the guy whose penis looks tiny could surprise you with a big erection. An analysis of more than thousand measurements taken by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey shows that shorter flaccid penises tend to gain about twice as much length as longer flaccid penises. A penis that doesn't gain much length with an erection has become known as a "show-er," and a penis that gains a lot is said to be a "grower. Kinsey's data suggest that most penises aren't extreme show-ers or growers.

Your penis is shaped like a boomerang.

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Just like you don't see all of a big oak tree above ground, you don't see the root of your penis tucked up inside your pelvis and attached to your pubic bone.

In an MRI picture, the penis looks distinctly boomerang-like, as noted by a French researcher who studied men and women having sex inside an MRI scanner.

To get answers, we asked people on the front lines: nurses, doctors, and medical students. Broadly speaking, the answer is that it's pretty unusual for nurses to show a dead patient's penis to Animal penises vary wildly. From a four-headed penis to a detachable zombie sperm bomb, Life's Little Mysteries rounds up the 7 strangest animal penises Transcript for Reality TV Stars Are Naked and Not Afraid. With that rash of nudity in the news, it seems some stars do want to keep their private parts private. And yet, it's not just celebrities

One method of surgical "penis enlargement" is to cut the ligament that holds the root of the penis up inside the pelvis. This operation may give some men a little extra length if more of the penis protrudes from the body, but there are side effects.

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This ligament, called the suspensory ligament, makes an eection sturdy. With that ligament cut, the erect penis loses its upward angle and it wobbles at the base. The lack of sturdiness can lead to injury. There is no "penis bone," but you can break your penis all the same.

It's called penile fracture, and it's not a subtle injury. When it happens, there's "an audible pop or snap," Montague says. Then the penis turns black and blue.

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And there's terrible pain. Penile fracture is rare, and it typically happens to younger men because their erections tend to be quite rigid.

Girls licking peneses - We Asked Doctors and Nurses What They Really Think of Their Patients' Penises . Men's Health

This results in a sort of "penis-fencing" when the two flatworms meet. This duel may last an hour and result in gaping wounds on the body of the loser in addition to a flatworm bun in the oven. Barnacles spend their lives glued to rocks, which makes mingling with other barnacles rather difficult. The hermaphroditic animals regrow their penises each year, just before their brief mating season.

One study found that water conditions change the shape and size of barnacle members - in calm water, they grow long and flexible penises, while choppy conditions inspire stockier, muscle-bound members. Researchers have found that each act of mating scars the female beetle's reproductive tract, resulting in traumatic insemination.

It's possible that the injuries directly benefit the males, however, either because they prevent the females from mating again or force them to spend more effort raising their fertilized eggs - and thus insuring that the male's genes are passed on - and avoid the strain of future liaisons. Two heads are better than one, right?

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Snakes have a Y-shaped hemipenis, and during sex they only use one-half of the organ, often alternating which half from sex act to sex act. The hemipenises are often grooved, hooked, or spined in order to grip the walls of the female's opening known as a cloaca and keep her from squirming away. If two heads are great, imagine a four-headed penis.

Get the latest information on sex including sex tips, intimacy advice, sexuality, sex positions, the best sex toy recommendations, and more Penises are as unique as the people they hang from, and they're all good. More than good, really. There's no such thing as a bad shape or size - just bad information on how to use johnscyclecenter.comted Reading Time: 8 mins 1 / Strippin' for the 'Gram. 1 of (Photo from left: The Game via Instagram, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) It ain't easy racking up the likes on social media, so some celebs fall back on a

The echidna, a small egg-laying mammal, has four heads on its organ. All four heads won't fit into a female, so during mating, the heads on one side shut down and do not enlarge; the other two release semen into the female's two-branched reproductive tract.

The active heads alternate usage each time the mammal copulates. Our No. When scientists first encountered the disembodied penis, they thought it was a parasitic worm.

Kinsey's data suggest that most penises aren't extreme show-ers or growers. About 12of penises gained one-third or less of their total length with an. erection, and about 7doubled in length Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

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