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As I have stated quite a few times on my blog, I love jockstraps and I also love the pants from the 80's the textures, the feel and most importantly the patterns! Well a few weeks ago I blogged that I had found an underwear label that had released what looked like just that I have them! These are the Jockstrap version of the Intymen Canterbury brief and ' WOW' what a Jockstrap! They took longer than I had thought as I purchased them from Amazon and I thought they were from the UK, it turned out in actual fact they were from Germany, but luckily I didn't have to pay and extra as I opened the Jiffy bag and saw the small packs I could definitely see what looked like patterns that echoed the 's and more so once I had a pair in my hand.Gulben ergen nake hot.

Order these today and have the best Friday night of your life. You thought we were going to forget the leopard printed jock?

The epitome of sex appeal when it comes to underwear? Get real, my guy. So, channel your inner beast in comfort every time you slide these on.

Or off. For some, comfort is just as appealing. It also has a pretty masculine look, too. Stealing ideas directly from the original jockstrap design, PUMP! underwear merges that sporty look and feel along with modern fashionable sex appeal. This lowrise cotton candy jock is all that and more, keeping that edgy style while playing with a submissive pop of color.

A daring, fashion-forward pair of undies like this is all you really need to have your own at-home photoshoot.

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Just pick your poison. Buy: PUMP! Like, this baby essentially looks like rubber bands. Merge the common look of your most comfortable trunks with a glimpse of striped sheer by snagging these sultry see-through striped trunks.

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The unquestionable classic waistband alongside the top stripe being solid black allows these to be worn with no fear about showing the sheer. Ready to channel that untampered with inner leather fantasy?

We know you are. These untamed chap-style shorts are a daring alternative to any other pair of underwear in our list and for good reason. This pair is about access, access, access. Briefster of the Month. Briefs Articles.

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Submit your pic. Briefs in Movies. Contact us. About the Author. BriefsLad Is it all just a load of old pants? Comments 2 Ste 20 December at I couldn't help but try jockstrap briefs. Brieflova4anotha 23 August at Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Optional login below. Submit comment. Selection of Featured Briefsbook Members. ALloyd87 profile. hotguyintown profile.

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Briefslad1me profile. n8jones profile. com Learn more. We were also two of only a very few black guys in our school. When we went into the locker room to change, I took my time.

I really wanted to see him naked. He had removed his shirt and shoes already and when he took off his shorts, he was wearing a Bike brand jockstrap.

I know he saw me looking but he didn't say anything. The contrast of the dark skin and that jock strap are burned into my mind. He did things nice and slow and this turned me on even more! He had to know I was watching.

He took off after the showers and I was to shy at that time to shower with guys. I wanted to take his jock with me. but if I did he would have obviously known it was me. I just had to get a jock!

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The next year I started junior high and jocks were not required but because we were getting older, guys started wearing them anyway. We also shared a locker room with the senior high. I liked playing sports just because it gave me a chance to be in the locker rooms. The locker room had a "Lost and Found" barrel in the corner that I went though and found my first jock!

I didn't care. For some reason I got into wrestling after that instead of basketball. I didn't get into it because I was into guys! I liked the close contact of the sport.

I still love jockstraps, wearing their jock straps in the presence of the mothers and girls at the pool. Troy's sister and he both wore Speedo just so a little freedom that a jock strap gives when swimming. Wearing a suit began to seem like a big nuisance. To this day Nobody wants to see a guy in a jock if he's not hot. My wife can appreciate a great physique on display in a jock, but it doesn't turn her on. My 13 year old step-daughter thinks that showing off the body is only for girls and young women. She thinks that it's gross when a

It was not a sexual thing. The need for the correct jock was becoming more important. Every guy on the squad was now wearing one and that part did turn me on. I managed to get to the local discount department store and purchased the correct size.

Not surprisingly it was a Bike just like the basketball kid had worn.

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I started a habit of knowing what guys wore what jock! One guy named Rob who was the object of my fantasies wore a Duke. Have I mentioned every popular brand yet.

This went on for like a year or two and was a part of things.

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On the last day of school for the year my last class was PE. We were told to clean out our lockers and take our stuff home and throw away anything else. I was cleaning out my locker and putting stuff in my bag when I saw Rob take all of his stuff and throw it into the "Lost and Found" barrel!

Apparently he had forgotten his bag and just chucked his T-shirt, shorts, socks, and hopefully his jock. When the final bell rang, everyone ran from the school except for me. I headed straight for the locker room and into a stall to make sure know one was around.

2 Boyfriends trying on Jockstraps and more!

When the coast was clear I went to the barrel and "BINGO," his jock was among the items there. I took that jock home and tried it on. I loved how it was formed to his package and now it was holding onto mine.

I wore it whenever I was working out that summer and as underwear from time to time.

Girls love jockstraps - What is it like to wear jock straps?

Finding previously worn jocks became a pasttime for me. Open lockers were a constant target. I obtained quite a collection.

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Some would come home with me only to "appear" in the barrel and later back on the body from where they came. If they only know where they had been, and how they were used!

By now, I had disposed-of or re-deposited all but a few jocks that I had.

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I was constantly in fear of what would have happened if anyone had found out. I still love jockstraps, wearing one turns me on more than anything. I hope you enjoyed my story.

October 2. SWIMMING MEMORIES" I enjoy reading the reminiscences of those who grew up in the 60s and 70s, but here are some more recent memories told to me by people who grew up in the late 90's.

Answer (1 of 4): I wouldn't play hockey without one, I'll tell you that much. And it's a lot more comfortable that the fucking masks we have to wear these days "What's with these penis flaps?!"Featuring:Becky Harris: Brunson: I LOVE Jockstraps. 80's inspired pants in a Jockstrap. As I have stated quite a few times on my blog, I love jockstraps and I also love the pants from the 80's . the textures, the feel and most importantly the patterns! Well a few weeks ago I blogged that I had found an underwear label that had released what looked like just that

Troy's birthday is in late October, but his parents sent him to private school in the first grade to avoid the cut-off for enrollment. Therefore, he was 11 when he started junior high school in the seventh grade.

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