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Analingus, rimming , ass-licking, eating ass, whatever you want to call it - it can be a lot of fun to give and receive. We've already explored why these women enjoy rimming their boyfriends, but what's it like to receive analingus as a woman or vagina-having person? It's not as mind blowing as vaginal oral, but it's a completely different feeling. There are a lot of nerve endings there, and people hold a lot of tension there too, and when the sphincter muscles relax it's a whole level of relaxation and openness that I hardly ever get to feel. And that's fabulous. My husband is not into it, so I last got it from a girlfriend's boyfriend during a group thing years ago. And what is up with people not liking when they stick the tongue in?Heidi klum porno anal.

Still, how far we have come: time was when nudity on stage was deeply shocking.

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As late as the Lord Chamberlain, the theatrical censor, ruled the stalls, ensuring there were no naughty bits on display or corrupting ideas discussed. But when theatrical censorship finally came to an end, its demise was celebrated in style: the very next night, the musical Hair opened in the West End - and included one infamously eye-opening scene.

The musical Hair was a huge hit, even if its explicit scenes of drug-taking and nudity angered some critics Credit: REX. The hippy rock-musical saw the cast get their kit off at the end of the first half, emerging in the altogether from beneath a giant sheet. Another show to take advantage of the end of censorship was the revue Oh! It was conceived as a money-making bit of mischief by theatre critic Kenneth Tynan; he enlisted the likes of Samuel Beckett, Sam Shepard and John Lennon to add an avant-garde air to his juvenile joke.

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Undercover coppers went to see the nude romp three times was that really necessary? But an expert panel, made up of headmistresses, a vicar and a law professor, were secretly sent to see the show; they found its wobbly bits harmless, and the show went on.

And on - it ran for a decade in the West End. But the theatre soon found a more vocal opponent in Mary Whitehouse, who from the early s led the charge against a permissive society.

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The obscenity squad had no problem with the play, which was staged at the National Theatre, but Whitehouse who refused to even watch the offending show was persistent. The director, Michael Bogdanov, was issued with a writ accusing him of having "procured an act of gross indecency" on the stage, under the Sexual Offences Act of But at a trial at the Old Bailey inthe case collapsed spectacularly.

Warning: This post contains nudity. For a photographer based in London, Jane Hilton really knows her way around a Nevada brothel. Her book, Precious, from Schilt Publishing, is the product of 2? Girl/Girl Scene: Directed by Tucky Williams. With Tucky Williams, Maya Jamner, Amanda K. Morales, Roni Jonah. Gay girls just want to have fun. Join bad girl Evan, blonde bombshell Bridget, party girl Ryan and their friends as they live and The year-old actress made a 'Big Bang' on the app on Wednesday

A witness claimed to have seen "the tip of the penis" - but it turned out he had a seat so far back in the auditorium that he hadn't realised he was actually only seeing a thumb. The power of the imagination, eh?

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Quite some fuss was made of it, with reviewers enjoying the chance to get a penis joke into a review of Shakespearean tragedy. Ian McKellen also went for the big reveal in a RSC production in Still, getting your kit off is a way for an actor to broadcast how serious and committed they are.

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A lesbian film. An 80's homage movie.

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For reasons that will likely never be known or understood and probably involve an acid tripsomeone decided to merge these two genres. And, in its own bizarre way, it works.

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Here's my breakdown: The Look - Because it's an homage to the eighties, the entire movie, especially the first scenes, look like they were shot on a VHS Camcorder. The lighting is interesting, with pinks and purples that are reminiscent of the decade.

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It takes a little getting used to, and I wonder if the film would have been better if they had shot it like any other movie. But it's their creative decision and maybe I don't especially like it, but I'll give them credit for taking the risk. The Writing - At first I thought the jokes were horrible.

Kardashian shared a private at-home picture snapped by her 4-year-old daughter. North West has many talents. She's a budding makeup artist. She has The video shows the girls pushing each other out of the way and then delivering a flurry of punches to the defenseless woman. "It's 90 seconds or so that they beat on her and then they run out Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins Dita Von Teese is a burlesque performer, model and author. This is an edited extract from her foreword to "Working Girls: An American Brothel, Circa " by Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Painfully bad. Then I began noticing references to Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Then I figured out that the humor was meant to be reminiscent of that era.

From that point of view the jokes are good bad jokes, meaning they're good at recreating teenage angst-y jokes that today would be very dated. The Story - Perhaps it's a little too over dramatic and self indulgent for its own good, but maybe that's the point. The characters are colorful and horribly flawed human beings, and it shows in the most awkward and endearing moments of the film.

You may not understand their decisions or why they choose to bring so much drama down on themselves, but you'll at least relate to it in one way or another.

The Acting - The best acting performances come from Maya Jamner as Ryan and LE Barone as Dov. Ryan is a beautiful, quirky neurotic and is the funniest character. Dov Dove?

1. "The feeling itself is whatever, but what turns me on is my boyfriend losing his mind over my ass." [via] 2. "Amazing! It's not as mind blowing as vaginal oral, but it's a completely different Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins The young Hollywood star had to get dressed on stage, allowing a salivating audience (it was very, very sold out, with tickets exchanging hands for ?1,) to get a The amateur porn video was posted by Girls Out West. The graphic minute long video shows two women meeting up at the train station at Little River, 51km southwest of

has an interesting plotline that I can't get into without giving too much away, but the acting is flawless. The Bad - It was very hard to hear the dialog at times. Closed captions are a must, especially for all the little jokes and quick asides.

Some of the scenes could have been shorter, especially the ones with Bridget and Dov talking. Two hours is hefty and 20 minutes could have been cut out.

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Overall - I hate myself for how much I love this movie. I've watched it three times, and I suspect I'll give in and watch it again. There are so many reasons not to like this.

But I do.

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I love it. I'm sure many others will too.

AliceEverlasting Jun 3, Details Edit. Release date February 27, United States. United States.

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